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    1JZ Trying for 600hp on pump

    Hey guys, Well my goal is trying to get 600hp out of a 1JZ. I know it's just a number but im being deployed tomorrow and going to have enough funds to get this done. What would you people choose to get close to 600whp. This is going to be a daily Driver and making mainly street pulls and...
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    Happy New Year from Afghanistan

    Happy New Year everyone and let it bring great things to all of us.
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    XXR 526 on MKIII????

    Anyone running XXR 526 on their MKIII? Looking for pics to see what it would look like.
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    Axis Wheels

    Anyone have pics of Axis Option wheels on a MKIII?
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    Activision Blizzard Inc does it again.

    Who saw this coming? Fixed
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    My Real Slow Process

    Hey everyone let me start off by saying this build thread is going to be over an extensive period of time due to me being in afghanistan but updates every chance I get for gathering everything for the 2JZ Swap and full body makeover. This is when I first picked her up. Clear turn...
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    JDM Engine Companys

    Hey guys, im getting ready to pull the trigger on my 2JZ/V160 Swap in my MKIII. Just wondering for those who bought JDM Engines which company did you have success with? It's going to be alot of money being thrown out there and I don't want to get screwed. Just trying to get my facts and all the...
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    Wheel Choices

    Hey guys, I am having a hard time choosing between these 2 sets of wheels. If I could afford both I would buy both sets but can't. I like both sets but can't decide on which ones would look better on my stock white MKIII. Looking for some input. I understand that people are going to say go with...
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    Custom Liscense Plate For Sleeper

    Hey guys im just looking for ideas on a custom liscense plate for a total sleeper. Something funny but yet says WTF just happened post ideas with the meanings.
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    N/A Exhaust

    Does any compaines make Exhaust for the N/A's? I've looked and saw only exhausts for the turbo versions. Wondering if anyone has a name brand exahust on the N/A's or custom.
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    Leesville, La / Bagram, Afghanistan

    whats going on guys just joined here but been a member on supraforums for awhile now. Looking to pick up an MKIII Turbo in january when Im home.