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  1. Another MkIII

    Scan tool suggestions

    I have been doing a lot of work for my dad's business recently. Most of the fleet are Chevy Express 1500s, but there is also a Dakota, and some others may get added. I have finally gotten tired of going to the auto parts store every time I need a code read, and between the company fleet and...
  2. Another MkIII

    New Head Gasket Questions

    I recently installed an HKS stopper type head gasket. I have a couple questions: 1. Should I avoid boost for now and how long? 2. How many heat cycles should I run before checking the head stud torque, and how long should I wait between cycles? I read that you should check them after 5...
  3. Another MkIII

    Installing a MHG

    For anyone that remembers my thread over the summer, I learned the hard way how to properly rebuild a 7M. With less than a couple thousand miles on my rebuild, I blew a headgasket. Here is the thread for those of you that missed it. After getting the head back from the machine shop and almost...
  4. Another MkIII

    Pushing coolant out and no other signs of BHG

    I picked up my car from my friend's shop a couple weeks ago after getting my custom exhaust made, and on the way home noticed some smoke and coolant smell. After a brief inspection, I found it was pushing coolant out the overflow tank which was my first sign of major trouble. The temperature...
  5. Another MkIII

    Brake upgrades

    In a couple weeks, I'll be home to get some more work done on my Supra and I was wondering what some recommendations are for brakes. I plan to install rebuilt calipers, and I was wondering what you guys recommend for upgraded pads/rotors. I also plan to replace the stainless braided brake hoses...
  6. Another MkIII

    Need help finding replacement seat fabric

    I'm planning to have the seats re-covered in my 87 Supra with gray cloth interior. Unfortunately, the shop that I took it to is unable to find the fabric. I'm wondering if anyone here has either a source for a match to the original fabric, or a suggestion for a similar fabric that will work. As...
  7. Another MkIII

    Regrets of a formerly naive engine builder

    Back in 2009, I was a noob to Supras when I bought mine. It had a hole in the block, a perfect body, and was $1600. I jumped on it, and $1500 and 5 onths later, it was running. Runs great still, although I've maybe put 1000 miles on it since the rebuild. But I know more about it today then I did...
  8. Another MkIII

    ABS options

    First of all, I am aware that this won't make any senese at first, please read the whole thing. :) I am adding an Apex SAFC II to my car. I ordered a plug and play harness from Boomslang so that I don't have to cut/splice my factory harness. This creates an issue with space. The extra space...
  9. Another MkIII

    Anyone know where I can get the board harness for an SAFC II?

    I recently purchased an SAFC II and a yellow plug harness extension used. I was aware that the patch harness had some cut wires, and when I got it I decided I was going to completely rebuild it. Looking into the cost of getting wire, pins, heat shrink, etc. I decided to contact Boomslang and get...
  10. Another MkIII

    Need help de-pinning a patch harness

    I recently purchased a harness extension here for cheap that had a couple cut wires. It is for a pre 89 harness/ECM. Some of the wires were cut close to this connector, so I'm thinking if its possible I'll de-pin it and replace the wires/pins. To clarify, here is a picture: I'm talking about...
  11. Another MkIII

    Anyone put a diesel engine in a Supra?

    So me and some of the guys I work with (I work for Cummins) kicked around the idea of a diesel in a Mk III chassis. My thoughts are that size/weight would be the major issue, along with finding a suitable driveline. Also reinforcing the chassis to handle that kind of torque would be another...
  12. Another MkIII

    Are human beings this ignorant? A strut brace rant. Read the comments. So much ricer lolgic. Seriously though, would it kill people to do a google search and actually research before talking? I read a post by IJ about this, and after a brief search to...
  13. Another MkIII

    Crank no-start 2 days before cruise night :/

    So I had just checked my O2 sensor and the car was sitting in my driveway idling, and then it just shut off. I go to restart it, cranks, but won't start. It tries, but it just won't catch. I have checked: -Checked codes, there were none. -Checked fuses. -Had the battery tested. Didn't think that...
  14. Another MkIII

    Project Pipedream is alive, but I need tuning help

    As far as working on cars and doing repairs, I'm competent, but when it comes to actual tuning and modifying stuff of that nature, I'm still a bit of a noob. Basically, I am curious as to what a safe Air Fuel Ratio is for my MkIII. I'm running the following setup: -1987 Supra Turbo Manual...
  15. Another MkIII

    Coolant tower sensor help

    Does anybody have a picture with the sensors labeled. The TSRM appears to be down, and I'm trying to figure out what all of the sensors are. I see 2 2-wire sensors, and 2 single wire sensors. I'm curious as to what each of these exactly does, so if anyone has a picture of the tower with all 4...
  16. Another MkIII

    Lexus AFM and accordion hose

    So I have a Lexus AFM and as expected it is larger around. My question is, what do you guys who have the Lexus AFM use to replace the accordion hose? It doesn't look like the Lexus AFM will fit in the inner diameter of it, correct me if I'm wrong. -AM3
  17. Another MkIII

    Anybody use this fan controller?

    I'm considering this fan controller for my Supra. I just wanted to know if anybody here has used it and what your opinions are. Thanks. -AM3
  18. Another MkIII

    Wiring RC injectors

    I just got my 550cc injectors, and seeing as I have a brand new harness, I'm not a huge fan of cutting it up and soldering. I was wondering if anybody knows if it is possible to disassemble the clip for the RC's, remove the clips from the OEM harness, crimp new pins onto the wires, and re-pin...
  19. Another MkIII

    Fuel cut

    So here is the deal. I know that to eliminate fuel cut, people who go the Lexus AFM route recommend doing at least the following: Walbro 255LPH pump Lexus AFM RC 550cc injectors On top of that, most people will recommend: Aeromotive AFPR Apex AFC (or something along those lines) Wideband AF...
  20. Another MkIII

    JZ injectors in a 7M?

    I was wondering if this is even possible to do. I searched and couldn't find anything on the topic, but I'm guessing that its been tried and failed, otherwise I would see more people doing this. I'm pretty sure I know the answer, but is it possible to put fuel injectors from a 2JZ into a 7M? -AM3