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  1. metaphysico

    Had to post the pics of this now dead supra.

    This has got to be the worst wreck for an mk3 I have ever seen. And its for sale if anyone is interested:evil2:.
  2. metaphysico

    Fall supra meet.

    Just wondering from those in the know if there is going to be a fall supra meet and if so when. I know there is normally a celica supra meet in september, and I am looking to take vacation in the beginning of september so trying to find out some info. If there is no meet scheduled I will set...
  3. metaphysico

    Ac not working look here for wiring diagrams.

    Figure I would post this to help people because it is hot and a lot of people have ac problems. I should say first make sure your system has a full charge of Freon before worrying about checking the electrical system. These diagrams are a lot easier to read then the ones you get from the tsrm...
  4. metaphysico

    Supra drive in movie meet. CANCELED.

    So just kind of a feeler right now but me and my wife want to go to a drive in movie, haven't been in years as most of them are closed now. If anyone is interested let me know. We are looking at going to a theater in blue ridge. It is close to dragons tail so we could either go there...
  5. metaphysico

    Cleaning out my shop if you wanna help. Free parts.

    I am cleaning out my shop again god only knows how many times I have. So I am tired of moving around all these parts I have. So I am fed up with it and going to throw away at least half of what I have. I have parted out 2 cars and have gotten parts from various places over the last 7 years...
  6. metaphysico

    North East Georgia Meet.

    Atlanta raceway is opening back up in February and we are heading out there to test my wifes car and hopefully mine on March 4th. Hopefully everyone will be done with there winter mods in time to make it and we can see some supras run. Also March 27th is import face off event, we need to get...
  7. metaphysico

    White MK3 broken down in GA Black tag with Gold letters from LO? Whats the story?

    So the story is for the last week I have driven past a white pre 89 turbo mk3 on the side of I985 in north east Georgia. As stated it has a black tag with gold or yellow writing. I think its a Louisiana tag not sure. I am just wondering why someone would leave a turbo supra on the side of the...
  8. metaphysico

    North East Georgia Meet short notice.

    So we are thinking of putting together a meet with short notice. Alan (bombinuass) is leaving for Florida the beginning of December and the last meet was not very good so I was thinking we could try it one more time before he leaves. We are figuring we can do it at my house, we should have...
  9. metaphysico

    Led turn signal group buy feeler thread.

    This is a feeler thread to see if there if enough interest to set up a group buy on LED turn signals. There are many different setups people may want and I will probably not think of all the setups people will want. The breakdown will be setup so that people can mix and match the light you...
  10. metaphysico

    I want some ideas and opinions on an xbox game I am making.

    So I have been working on my third xbox live game for a while now. I had to take a break from it for a little while and am looking at getting back to it some time soon. Currently I have a few projects going on and have to finish my car and my wifes car before getting back to the game but here...
  11. metaphysico

    Turbo boost gauge on na cluster, how to make it work.

    I put this here because I figure this is where most of the na to turbo people would look for the fix, and where the people who have done the conversion and still don't have a working boost gauge. Sorry if its in the wrong place or a repost,but I could not find the info anywhere. Maybe it can...
  12. metaphysico

    MK3 Gif

    I made a model and rotation sequence for the Garmins and made this gif just figured I would post it for people. The small one is my avatar. The rims suck but I had to change them because the normal ones were too busy for the Garmin to display right. But I will get a better full render later...
  13. metaphysico

    Led turn signals I am making different setups tell me what you think.

    So there are several setups I am playing with some look better while the lights are off but don't look as good with the lights on and others look good with the lights on but not as good with the lights off, let me know which ones you guys like. Also this is a spare set I have its clear 89 set...
  14. metaphysico

    Tach rewire question Na-t resistor changing.

    Just curious if there are any stories of success doing this. The problem I have is that the rewire shows the resistance of the resistors for the na and the ohms of each resistor, but the resistors in mine do not match what is in the picture here
  15. metaphysico

    headlights inop

    So the fun continues with this car. As stated the headlights do not work now. I have tested at the relay and if I jumper power to the output of the headlight relay the lights work. I have three powers and one ground to the relay, two are supposed to be power the ground goes to the lights (the...
  16. metaphysico

    Whos going to Motorsport nationals.

    If your not aware Motorsports Nationals (formerly Nopi nationals) is at Atlanta motor speedway September 18-19. Just checking in who is gonna be there. Me and my wife are going, I know my car wont be done in time and I don't know if we will take hers down there or not. So we may just be...
  17. metaphysico

    Valve stem seals?

    So I think I screwed up in a week of everything screwing up. Ok for the start, the car has a jdm 89+ motor straight from japan. Spec'ed and inspected everything while head gasket was off and everything was good. So I had some really bad white smoke which was very strange, because it turned...
  18. metaphysico

    Smoking really really bad from exhaust.

    Alright so I am at wits end here, I cant really think of anything else that could be doing this, but here is the problem. As noted the car smokes and I mean smokes a lot. If you have ever done a fuel induction service and didnt have the car revved up enough and the cleaner puddled in the...
  19. metaphysico

    Custom rear speaker enclosure and targa holder relocation.

    Well I have gotten back to getting my interior done. The drivers seat is all that is left as for the seats and all. Next I want to go through and put a sound system in the car. I have not seen too many mk3 setups in the rear for audio if anyone has some pictures it would be appreciated. My...
  20. metaphysico

    Auto trans problems after ge to gte swap. FIXED

    I just got done doing a turbo swap but dont have the gte ECT (Trans computer). The car will not go past second gear, I am not sure if it is a problem with the trans or if the ECT is the problem. So the question is will a ge trans computer run a gte trans.