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  1. drewgo

    EMS 8860 Static Timing..

    Searched and search and don't find... I got a nice tune on my 2j but still breaking my head trying to figure out the purpose of the "Static Timing" under the "Trims" tab. I am running 85lbs low imp. injectors..... Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. drewgo

    AEM FIC.... 1jz Soarer

    Jose(Soapra), This question is mainly for you since you've had success with the FIC. At first it started fine with the FIC. I was pulling out of my driveway to head to the dyno and it stalled and car just died. I plugged up the jumper cable and it ran fine. Got on the dyno, plugged up the FIC...
  3. drewgo

    Look what I found in my garage this morning!!!!!

    It has begun.... again! 96 S14. only 64K miles on the clock, interior is spik-n-span. I am really excited to do this project. I am bouncing around the details of the project but I'll unveil everything when it makes it's debut. Here's a sneak peek, enjoy
  4. drewgo

    Dyno'd the 1j'd 240sx

    It was late. but for everyday driving in a 2600 lbs car 351rwhp is pretty nice. For sale: 1jz single turbo, Only 13psi did 351rwhp. [/url]
  5. drewgo

    What tires....????

    What tires....???? "vid" Guys I need help on deciding what tires to go with. I got Dunlops right now that did a phenomenal job, but I see the need to up grade Since I am spinning like if I am riding on oil... I've been looking at the following: Nitto 555 BFG KDW NItto Invo Please...
  6. drewgo


    I had a conversation with Tissimo asking about timing and its purpose. After that I started to research and this is what I found. Thought I could share with you guys The stock 1jz ECU has a very conservative timing map. Follow me in this senerio: Stock Twins, 1st gear @ 1500rpm you feel the...
  7. drewgo

    1j vs 2j (NO FLAMING PLS)

    oK, Here's The scenerio.. A buddy of mines who has an SC just like mines with the same soarer set up from engine tranny rear end etc, blew his 1j and went 2j. We have exactly the same set including supporting electronic(ie safc bcc scc) and injectors except now his car is 2j but all else is...
  8. drewgo

    ***Whose been busted becuase of MYSPACE???

    First my wife questioned as to why she was not on my #1 slot. Then she had something to say about how I wrote the "about me" part. I got my Lexus as my first picture and she wanted me to change it..... what the hell. I told her that I put her as my #1 then I re-wrote the "about me" paragragh...
  9. drewgo

    Thinking about changing to emanage blue

    I was wondering what this controls and takes out, such as: Boost cut Speed cut REv cut. Tunes fuel curve timing...etc I have a SAFC controlling my fuel,Greddy boost cut and Greddy speed but I wanted to get opinions on whether this will or will not be a good move. Also will I still...
  10. drewgo

    HEre's another 1jz putting down high numbers

    This is Neil from C&N. I rode in the car and almost dropped a stanky in pants. This pull is 876 but he hit 917.
  11. drewgo

    Cams & Gas Mileage

    Been thinking on dropping in Cams. I get pretty good gas mileage on my 1jz. I was wonder how or how bad it will change once I do. Oh and I am talking about everyday driving, this is my dailer driver just cruisin sorta thing. WOT is a no-brainer. Everyday driving I get and average of...
  12. drewgo

    Sputtering At high boost

    When ever I am on high boost the car spudders really bad and falls on it's face. Lower the boost to 15psi and it pulls just fine and smooth. Now I know I'll need to change and regap my plugs, but can anyone think of anything else that I should pay attention to? And what Gap should I run?
  13. drewgo

    GT4082 Dyno

    Guys, I dyno'd the car last night and here's what I ended up with. GT4082 550 inj. Greddy IC & piping KIt SAFC 468 rwhp @ 20psi.
  14. drewgo

    1jz's vid Call out

    I was on, Did a search "1jz" and all I found were people filming their exhaust and how cute it sounds and a few races. Sad thing is most of the race that involved a 1jz, the 1j gets mopped. Let post up some videos where a 1jz takes the crown, If you got them post them. I am...