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  1. SupraSean

    1JZ Flat Out
  2. SupraSean

    1jz Flat out
  3. SupraSean

    Turbonetics Tc76??

    Anybody have any experience with this turbo? Turbonetics tc76 with a .96 a/r. I'm planning on using this on my 1jz but I keep hearing that it starts choking after like 16ish psi. Any insight would be great. Thanks.
  4. SupraSean

    How bad would a 1j run on a .032-.034 Plug Gap?

    Basically when i put the plugs in, still thinking in a 7m point of view I gapped the plugs to like .032 ish. No codes but car runs like crap, gauge indicates up to 4 psi before totally cutting out but nonetheless only runs decent at like -1/4 Throttle. Couldnt find a cracked coil. also if at...
  5. SupraSean

    1JZ swap 92 Supra no Injector Pulse

    Ok so Doing a 1jz soarer swap in my 92 supra. All stock 1jz besides single turbo conversion. There are actually two problems but im not entirely sure they coincide with eachother. Ok so did the swap wiring as per 92 teals write up (cant find link...
  6. SupraSean

    1jz megasquirt crank/ cam help

    Ok I'm hoping someone has a base map or can at least point me in the right direction here is my setup. megasquirt 2(v3.0 pcb) with zeal board to bring second vr signal in. All stock 1jz running stock coils and injectors. Just unsure of what to set the cranking signals and tooth settings to get...
  7. SupraSean

    Tiger Japanese Rear Sump 1JZ

    I Recently purchased a 1j from tiger japanese with the wiring harness. Upon unwrapping it from the pallet. I realized that a section of harness(ignitor and body plugs section on a 7m) was cut off right at the intake. I assume they are for the same functions so I am already filing a claim about...
  8. SupraSean

    Strange part throttle bog

    87 7mgte auto, Just did a fresh complete rebuild. only mods are 3" turbo back and hks ssqv. So heres the Short story. installed cam sensor at tdc like every other time(nothing out of the usual), and started right up and actually ran great. I didnt have a timing light at that time so i drove it...
  9. SupraSean

    No more rev limiter?

    92 7mgte mapecu2. I was driving the other night and did a second gear pull and when it spooled i looked down right before i shifted and i could have sworn I saw it PAST 6500,,, Im thinking how the hell could that be so i start pulling in third and sure as shit 6800 saw no limiter. I wasnt going...
  10. SupraSean

    a340e from a lexus 1uz?

    I understand that the bellhousing and tailshaft housing are different, and i would assume the speed sensor goes in the same hole as the speedo cable drive gear, other than that couldnt i change those few things and use an a340e say out of an sc400, for a 7mgte supra? thanks in advance.
  11. SupraSean

    Looking for a rebuild kit for the diff

    Cant seem to find a set of clutches anywhere.. i can get them from toyota, but i just wanted to see if there was anywhere else? thanks
  12. SupraSean

    Rear Gear Top Speed

    My car (92 7mgte was auto, now converted to 5 speed) Tops out 5 gear at 6k rpm at around 145-150 ish.. I thought for the longest time that i had a 4:11 Gear Ratio. I Through my info into the vin lookup at work and it says i have a 3:73. How is it possible that im topping out that low on such a...
  13. SupraSean

    Not sure Where to post this 85 monte carlo 7m powered?

    Instead of the typical v8 in a supra... I'm wondering who would be interested in seeing a 7m powered G body. Mainly Going to be a Drag car. Pro's? Cons? I want to hear your opinions. engine will be a mild build around 500wheel..
  14. SupraSean

    Oil pressure blowing out turbo seals?

    Ok 92 7mgte Fresh rebuild about 1k miles ago,(new bearings, rings, seals etc) started up the car with my t61 i used last year(had about 2k miles on it)started and the turbo seal on the exhaust was blowing oil like crazy, didnt do it last year but i figured just a fluke something happened while...
  15. SupraSean

    I NEED EVERYONE IN ON THIS ONE..7mgte Defying Logic!

    92 7mgte. aeromotive afpr,mk4 fp, 750cc rc injectors, stock ecu right now. Ok the car definately has spark. and it has 38 psi at the regulator which is after the rail,I have pulse but no fire. If i crank the car for a moment to build Fp, I pulled cyl1 plug and shined a light down and pulsing all...
  16. SupraSean

    My 400 post facebook thread..!/permalink.php?story_fbid=288826364478838&id=100000544303458&notif_t=like you have to read it from the beginning..
  17. SupraSean

    overheating issue,,,yea another one

    goes through about a gallon of water a day. I never see any puddles, and there is never any exhaust smoke.Ever. I just did the headgasket, used a toyota gasket and arp bolts Torqued to 85 ftlbs.. just put a Known working water pump on and a new 195 thermostat. It seems like it only gets hot when...
  18. SupraSean

    The "No more 7m" Swap

    I regret to inform all of the members here, that im going non-toyota as my swap choice. Yesterday i picked up my 6.0(LQ4) Dropout. The only reason im making a big deal about this is because this goes against everthing ive ever argued about swaps..but it all comes down to the same thing at the...
  19. SupraSean

    No Start,,Yea another one

    Got everything put together hooked everything up turn key, CRANKS OVER but doesnt fire, no sputter, nothing.. narrowed it down to the injectors. i have 40psi of fuel at the rail, but the injectors are not being grounded. checked ecu grounds which are all good. Exposed a small amount of wire for...
  20. SupraSean

    Injectors not firing

    I have spark. i have 40psi in the fuel rail, no start, i know its in time per tsrm. I checked three injector clips for current. cyl 1 has 12v on one wire, and 0.4 or no voltage on the other wire with the ignition on. cyl 5 and 6 have 12v on both sides. im lost as i havent touched anything with...