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  1. PhillyMK3

    7MGTE AEM EMS V1 help

    I am currently in the process of installing an AEM EMS (30-1110) into my 1988 supra. I only have two mods at the moment, 550cc injectors and a lexus afm. I was wondering if anyone else is running AEM here and if people share tune files? I have searched and haven't found anything yet. Thanks for...
  2. PhillyMK3

    TLF Performance injectors

    I was looking for 550cc fuel injectors to pair with my lexus Afm and I came across these: Does anybody know if they are good?
  3. PhillyMK3

    7M-GTE 86.5-88 Vs. 89-92 block????

    Does anyone know what the differences are between the early and late model blocks? and how to tell them apart?