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  1. MySupra

    Houston, TX

    Where the houstonians at? :icon_bigg CCM coverage :
  2. MySupra


    Can anyone take good pics of their 7M-GTE engines and post them here please? I'm needing a bit of visual help, trying to locate what goes to what. O_O
  3. MySupra

    [Solved]Spark Issue possibly ECU?

    So today I bought a multimeter to test out the harness and I found that it was not reaching the CPS but everything it had around 11-12+ so I tracked down all the 3/4 wires that go from the CPS to the ECU. I tested the 3 spots in the ECU and both gave me the results 0.01 in other words 0. So that...
  4. MySupra

    [closed]No Spark. Alright so here is the story. We had spark, we directly squirted gas in the gas intake to start the car which it did for about 30 seconds then turned off due to gas being gone. After that we tried it again and lost spark. But the thing is that the...
  5. MySupra


    Where can I buy a distributor for a 7m-gte turbo? I ordered one off ebay but it's nothing like the stock broken one. :/
  6. MySupra

    89' Supra Turbo Project

    So, I decided to use a 89' Supra as my first project car base. So, the engine at the moment won't start. When I towed the car to my place the targa top flew off because the owner did not have it secure. :/ Issues from the start. - No Battery - Distributor was opened and broken...
  7. MySupra

    Houston Tx.

    How many HTX members here?
  8. MySupra


    What's up a new Supra owner from Houston right here. ;)