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  1. Mr.PFloyd

    My black widebody MKIII with 2JZ-GTE and V-160

    Re: My black MKIII with 2JZ-GTE and V-160 Amazing work... unbelievable. Sorry if i missed it but did you decide on a color for the car?
  2. Mr.PFloyd

    Gran Turismo 5, anyone?

    lol. Someone comparing driving feel of forza and gt and saying forza is better. Forza has come a long way don't get me wrong, i love that series too. but gt5 driving wise is just better.
  3. Mr.PFloyd

    Gran Turismo 5, anyone?

    doesn't look possible so far from what i've played, but i haven't done much except for licenses and events. Also... Go karts kick some serious ass haha. so fun.
  4. Mr.PFloyd

    Gran Turismo 5, anyone?

    I've been playing it all day today, got myself an early copy :D fucking amazing so far. HD install takes approx 40 minutes, so make some food while you install it. INTRO VIDEO WAS EPIC. hah. Yea not a disappointment at all for far from me.
  5. Mr.PFloyd

    Muthaf***in Theives GOT ME!!!!!

    I am not defending the RIAA. lol. You say all thieves should be hung. You admit to stealing music. It's no different.
  6. Mr.PFloyd

    Muthaf***in Theives GOT ME!!!!!

    You steal music.
  7. Mr.PFloyd

    Animazement 2010 (Lots of pics, DSL not welcome XD)

    I could never bring my self to that level of nerdiness to go to one of those... But it looked like fun if thats your thing
  8. Mr.PFloyd

    help finding out about a ring

    Yeah man, give him a call for me will you?
  9. Mr.PFloyd

    help finding out about a ring

    stupid me searching for dual ring... honestly lol.
  10. Mr.PFloyd

    help finding out about a ring

    Well i saw one at the store the other day, but i didn't have time to ask the clerk what they were called. It was a mens ring that is worn on both the pinky and ring finger at one time. It is one piece with 2 separate rings. does anyone know what this kind of ring is called? i love the look of...
  11. Mr.PFloyd

    Quicken Giveaway Winners!!

    for those who didn't win, pm me, i can help you out with this fantastic program.
  12. Mr.PFloyd


    So it's your car i've been obsessed with for years! I LOVE the rear setup, especially the dualies.
  13. Mr.PFloyd

    So Pretty Much I Cant Wait For GT5.......

    Not really. GT4 is better then forza 2. Forza 3 is slightly better. GT5 will blow it out of the water... when it comes out. considering it so far the cost to make it is about 60 million, it will be amazing. Most studios cringe at spending 5 million for a title.
  14. Mr.PFloyd

    My Build Thread Matrix... Red AND Blue Pill

    whoa, wtf is that thing? That shit ain't stock.
  15. Mr.PFloyd

    So Pretty Much I Cant Wait For GT5.......

    Yeah, but i still don't believe it will be released this year... I am actually jealous of 360 owners who got forza, that game is great.
  16. Mr.PFloyd

    "Pre-89 Shine Air-guide" thread =0) NEED 25 COMMITTED BUYERS!

    it's more of the fact that i believe it flows better with the 89+
  17. Mr.PFloyd

    Post your Pre-89 bumper thread

    coming back to this, does anyone know if you have to swap out to anything 89+ for this to work? i assume the bumper just bolts up correctly.
  18. Mr.PFloyd

    Anybody willing to edit my 1500 word paper on the treatment of Islamic women?

    You are having a bibliography at the end correct?
  19. Mr.PFloyd

    Who do you look like?

    That guy looks like me.
  20. Mr.PFloyd

    maf translator & MAFT-PRO questions

    don't get MAFT-PRO for what you are aiming at...