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  1. kakanator

    Rich afr at idle

    So I got my other none melted harness in and all good but my air fuel ration is super rich. Before my old harness melted my afrs were 14.2 to 15.4 at idle but now 12 to to 12.3. I checked for codes and boost leak tested today found none. Also i am getting this what feels like spark break up at...
  2. kakanator

    2500 rpm break up

    So the other day my car would not start come to fine out the harness that goes by the egr pipe got melted and got code 14. I thought it was cps at first so i swapped the wires out with a different one on the same housing. I did not know what the air gap is or cant find it so that may be the...
  3. kakanator

    black 1990 7mgte

    Well coming up on a year of have my supra. Have a 87 na back in mid 2010 did a na/t on it. Drove the shit out of her till i melted the number 1 piston. Made 300 hp and 308 foot pounds on a stock ct with ddp and 11 psi stock fuel and inter cooler. After I blew that motor up I got a new short...
  4. kakanator

    map ecu 2 or maft pro

    So ill be doing a head gasket swap for a friend on a 2j and he wants to pay me with a map ecu 2 kit he was going to run. I don't know much about the piggyback I know it gets rid of the afm and you can tune fuel and small things like that. Should I take if or just get cash. I have a 7m with 560cc...
  5. kakanator

    aem stuck at 14.8

    I looked everywhere online and people are saying it is sensor or a bad ground. So i picked up one from dm and rewired it up new ground and power still dose the same thing. Only thing I can thing of next is call aem about it.
  6. kakanator

    90 turbo auto harness 5 speed swap

    I cant find anywhere online how to set up the reverse lights for my car. I have the 2 wire clip form the r154 just don't know what 2 wires I need to splice into on the auto harness side. I think it is one of the round plugs that goes to nothing not sure thought. Has anyone done this swap and...
  7. kakanator

    lumpy idle

    I can't figure it out. I have changed all the vac lines and intercooler piping and bov, thinking it could have been a leak. It wont idle normal yet sometimes it idles just fine I am lost.
  8. kakanator

    1990 targa rebuild

    It has been a long time since I have posted anything about my car. I have the 87 supra for a bit went from na to turbo it was my first time working with any Toyota turbo rwd car. I had that for a few years dd it to work have 300 hp and 308 tq on 11 psi of boost with only a ddp and 3 inch strait...
  9. kakanator

    fresh rebuild car wont start

    Ok guys I cant figure this on out I did a full rebuild new nprs reconditioned rods titan 1.4 mm gasket new valve stem seals all that good stuff. Put the motor in the other day took the efi 15 amp out cracked it a butch to get some oil flowing with the plugs out. Hooked all that back up with new...
  10. kakanator

    why I will always keep my car 7m

    So I have been racing some of my friends cars and they have more power and some also have motor swaps. I did a dyno pull with 10 pounds of boost with stock injectors and stock ct with a ddp full 3 inch all the way back stock inter cooler and a blitz bov and made 247 hp no tq numbers that's it...
  11. kakanator

    My first dyno today

    Went to asp2 dyno day today was the second car to run it was cool as hell almost pulled off the dyno. 10 psi on a ddp and stock everything pulled a 247 hp did get any tq numbers tho.
  12. kakanator

    Changed out the old harness

    So my car would just shut off when I would drive on the highway but not in the city so I got some harnesses for free and decided to make them one. The best one hand no knock sensors so I read online how to do the rewire and took me a day to go threw the entire harness and check everything and it...
  13. kakanator

    Still smoking on deceleration

    So I had a bit of oil in cylinder number 2 after my rebuild so I did a compression test and all the other ones were around 145 psi except number 2 it was 165. I got some new valve stem seals for a friend and today i put them on. The car would only smoke when I would decelerate then put it in...
  14. kakanator

    Car would crank but not start code 12

    Today after work I went to leave and my car wouldn't start messed with some wires and then it started. Then later today it did the same thing so this time i jump the diagnostic box to see whats going on and I got a code 12 no NE or G to ecu I don't know what that means is there any way to know...
  15. kakanator

    Buring oil

    Need some help on what to do. The motor has 2500 miles on it and started smoking. Every time I downshift or deccel hard it smokes. I am getting 30inchs of vac on deccel. I checked the compression on the cylinders and don't under stand them. Cylinder 2 had a bit of oil on the piston and i don't...
  16. kakanator

    Car wont start

    Update I was going to the junk yard today and my car died on the highway. The AM2 fuse was pooped don't know what that fuse dose. Changed it and when on my way. After the yard I went to get petrol then went to leave and the car just cranks and cranks no start so me and my friend pushed started...
  17. kakanator

    Turbo swap done.

    So I finally swapped out the na motor and put the turbo one in last night. Cranked the motor with no EFI fuse several times and then put the fuse back in and it stared right up. Had a gas leak so found that and had to change out the first injector. Put that all back then started it up and found...
  18. kakanator

    should I take any layers out of my hks 3.0 gasket?

    So I just got done taking the head off and getting all the copper seal off the gasket, block and head. I was wondering if I should take some layers out of the gasket so I don't lose to much compression. I got the head and block decked plus the back part of the timing cover didn't get a amount of...
  19. kakanator

    reuse a metal head gasket

    I got a 3mm gasket from a friend for free most of the viton was gone so I took the layers apart and cleaned them with acetone and put them back together then did a few cotes of copper spray on the bottom and top of the gasket then let it sit 5-10 min then set in on the block then put the head on...
  20. kakanator

    Look what I found.

    Go to 3 mins and 32 sec in the vid. 323 km/h that is one fast supra.