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  1. GuNDeZZZ

    Modern Warfare 2!

    GuNDeZZZ < xbox gamertag, hit me up, always up for HCTDM
  2. GuNDeZZZ

    Modern Warfare 2!

    I am, there's some release "party" at the gamestop down the road... I'm just walking, in getting the game, and leaving... lol
  3. GuNDeZZZ

    ~ESSENCE~ S14 1jz build

    Hot pink on the subframe.
  4. GuNDeZZZ

    Random Pics 5: The Pixel Menace (( NWS ))

    Manny being Manny.
  5. GuNDeZZZ

    Random Pics 5: The Pixel Menace (( NWS ))

    My friends girlfriend is a SG girl.
  6. GuNDeZZZ

    Do anti-depressants help you?

    I would love for you to work where I work for one day "mental health crisis stabilization unit" if every patient was off their medication... It would be absolute chaos. My job is dangerous enough with the medication, without it it would pretty much be suicide. Especially with our seasoned jail...
  7. GuNDeZZZ

    LMFAO:Cops do drug bust and play Wii for 9 hours!!!!

    Nice, I'm not surprised one bit. Its boring around these parts.
  8. GuNDeZZZ

    Ah crap, look what new toy i ended up coming home with yesterday

    My roommate has this tv, we have verizon fios hdtv which is hooked up with hdmi and watching it makes me dizzy, it looks strange for tv, but gaming is brilliant. I have a 46'' Polaroid lcd tv and our tv looks great on it. I donno.
  9. GuNDeZZZ

    360 live tags

  10. GuNDeZZZ

    RIP Little Blue Ion Redline

    Woah, shit, glad you guys are alright!!! On a side note if you want to sell any parts PM me, I have an 07.
  11. GuNDeZZZ

    numbnuts on craigslist

    Nice find, yeah he is a retard. We do have a craigslist thread in off topic though.
  12. GuNDeZZZ

    Random Pics 5: The Pixel Menace (( NWS ))

    That's a damn good cosplay of the witch.
  13. GuNDeZZZ

    am i crazy? or is the seller crazy?

    Car looks like a shit box... but its your choice, the tranny thing is probably just him not knowing about MKIII's. Ill sell you my 89 targa 1j car for 6k if you want a turbo targa car bad enough... lol
  14. GuNDeZZZ

    Random Pics 5: The Pixel Menace (( NWS ))

    Dammit, I need to get some inkwork. ^Only thing on TV...
  15. GuNDeZZZ

    Random Pics 5: The Pixel Menace (( NWS ))

    I must have been drunk when I asked for more of the "redhead", my apologizes. Man I miss Irwin, RIP.
  16. GuNDeZZZ

    Random Pics 5: The Pixel Menace (( NWS ))

    Of the redhead in the first pic Boosted!!!!! lol Redheads FTW.
  17. GuNDeZZZ

    I'm stuck at the boise ID airport?!?!??! HELP!!!

    Bump, I'm in FL, sorry cant help... I would if I could though.