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    Advice on Machine Work For Fully Built Motor??

    Ok, well I'm starting to plan my re-build and would like some advice on machine work I should/need to get. As many of you know I've had a lot of issues in the past with different problems that I don't want to get into. I'm not sparing any cost on this and will just save up longer in order to get...
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    Instant Rod Knock After Re-build - Oil to Bearing Problem?

    Ok this might be a little long but need to type the whole history. I’m at the point of parting it out and need any thoughts or insights on the situation. Ok, bought my supra with the engine already pulled because of rod knock. Took the engine apart and to the machine it went did everything...
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    In Need Of Shims !!!

    I just measured my Valve clearances and they were all messed up all greater then .018" So I've spent the last little bit taking it all apart to replace the shims. I have two spare heads that I've pulled the buckets/shims out of but still came up short in what I need. I've seen many threads with...
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    Tapping noise seemingly from top end....VID

    Any help here? ive pulled plugs one at a time and the sound doesnt change or lessen. ive had a stethoscope on it and it sounds the loudest from the top end intake side. this is a fresh engine build with a...
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    Valve Help Please

    Ok, I have a freshly rebuilt engine, block was completely re-done everything thinkable is brand new, the head was a "rebuilt" from E-bay(I know no flaming needed) Ok. so I have what I believe and many others after listening to it valve Tick. I'm going to go check valve clearances but noticed a...
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    PS HELP Please

    Quick question: Since the pps uses the speed sensor on the speedometer if the speedo cable is broken will pps not work and therefore making ps not work?
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    TPS Issues Help!

    Ok so Im a little confused. Im wiring my Q45 TPS into the stock wiring based on X-Mans wiring. HOWEVER... my problem is for some reason i have voltage (with the key in the ON position) coming from the BROWN wire. Which is E2 which i understand to be a ground. Rather then the Blue with Red stripe...
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    Need Help W/ Brake Bleeding Issues

    Ok....Trying to bleed my brakes. I just got a new master cylinder(after previous attempts). Started bleeding the new master via TSRM instructions. On the down stroke no bubbles.On the up/return stroke bubbles from 1st piston on the master cylinder. Took off car and bench bleed and put back on...
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    Well finally just got the car running properly, has been running but having troubles with it mis-firing,tps,cps etc etc. So just got all the little bugs worked out and sounds very strong and no knocking etc etc :D Next up gota re-clean up/detail the engine bay, then put the interior back in...
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    Another Whats This Thread Pics

    ok time for me to feel retarded. I'm in the process of a complete rebuild you can search my name and see everything that has been done but anyway, I or any one that is helping with the build know what these ports on the turbo are for or what to do with them. There are two on either side of the...
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    Quick Teaser Update Almost Done *PICS*

    Here is a quick update. Getting close to finshing it up. Should be ready for the Orlando meet that is the goal atleast. Got the fuel lines and AFPR finshed up got the wiring harness run(through the heater hose hole in the fire wall), Mounted Coil Packs, Turbo Clocked, etc etc etc and a bunch of...
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    New Engine Set-Up Finally In *PICS*

    Thanks again to Jayson (IdealSupra), Denny (DrBowser3) and Eli (RTASupra). We worked on dropping the engine in sunday night. Started at about 8:00pm and had some minor issues with some things but finally got it all dropped in at about 1:30am. This is a huge step for me seeing almost a year’s...