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  1. LilMissMkIII

    So... Anyone up for a "special" friendship pendant?? Not many things in this world shock me... But, um... WTF??????
  2. LilMissMkIII

    AUS - Our Gov't is Fucked

    In under 24 hours, we have had loyalty of the Deputy Prime Minister questioned, a challenge for leadership pushed for by factional leaders, our current Prime Minister step down (at 9am this morning) and a new (female) PM sworn in (an hour ago). Here is an FAQ to sum it all up...
  3. LilMissMkIII

    What's on your clipboard?

    Having a bit of a laugh with this on another forum I am on. So, reply to thread, Ctrl + V and let us see!!!! Here's mine: Goal Can this Goal be Fully Achieved? To ascertain the most effective use of your assets pre retirement. To have sufficient retirement income to meet your...
  4. LilMissMkIII

    So... Someone hit my car in the car park at work yesterday

    It looks no where near as bad in pics as it actually is. Frame is now bent and unless I find the person who did it, I'm up for: - new front bar (free - have one at home) - new number plate ($120 re-issuing fee) - new intercooler ($300) - New passenger side grill (?? - it was one that said...
  5. LilMissMkIII

    How to Mount an ipod / itouch in a Supra?

    I'm sick of my itouch sitting in the coin tray and would like some ideas on where/how to mount it so it is easily visible and easier to control. Ideas anyone?
  6. LilMissMkIII

    Songs I could go without hearing EVER again...

    What the fuck is it with the radio playing the same fucking songs every hour???? I would die a happy woman if I never had to listen to anything by Kesha or Beyonce ever again. What about you guys - what songs make you want to chop your own ears off with a blunt knife?
  7. LilMissMkIII

    The Emu

    An Aussie truckie walks into an outback diner with a full-grown emu behind him. The waitress asks them for their orders. The truckie says, 'A hamburger, chips and a coke,' and turns to the emu, 'What's yours?' 'I'll have the same,' says the emu. A short time later the waitress...
  8. LilMissMkIII

    Awesome EBay Listing - Need a High Five???

    Linky here Hi, Have you been feeling down lately and need a pick me up. Or have you completed a personal or professional milestone and really need some random dude to nip in and give you a high five! I am your man. I will come to any work place or public area and be there at your...
  9. LilMissMkIII

    Marques in the Park 2009 - Pics!!!!

    Hi all, Yesterday was Marques in the Park, held on Patrick White Lawns, in front of the Australian National Library, and right on the lake. Was a great day, the Canberra Celica Group and ACT Supra Club combined and had over 20 cars on display. I was unable to walk around and view the...
  10. LilMissMkIII

    Immaculate 38,000km MA70 Purchased in Aus He purchased it from an 81 year old lady who had it since new. She used it to drive to the golf course once a week. It is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. LilMissMkIII

    New, blank and undrilled MA70 rotors - extinct?

    As per title, are they really impossible to get? Toyota here says so, but am hoping otherwise.
  12. LilMissMkIII

    Happy Birthday Dunckel!!!!!!

    :boobies::boobies::boobies::boobies::boobies::boobies::boobies::boobies::boobies::boobies: ::hooters::::hooters::::hooters::::hooters::::hooters::::hooters::::hooters::::hooters::::hooters::::hooters:: Happy Bday!!!!!!!!
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    So - What random things are you good at, and what are you bad at?

    Stolen from another forum I'm on. Random things I'm good at: - gift wrapping - directions (I can drive somewhere once and remember how to get there - even if it is years later) - remembering numbers and dates - baking - multi-tasking - delegating - dancing - procrastinating - cleaning -...
  14. LilMissMkIII

    This is why you don't use AU green coolant in your 7M

    The green coolant was only in my car for a few days... As soon as we realised the workshop has used it, we dumped it, however, this had already done this to a BRAND NEW water pump: In comparison, this is the water pump (of unknown age) from another 7M we have that used Toyota Red: Now...
  15. LilMissMkIII

    BMW Ad Banned by Australian Advertising Watchdog for Encouraging HOON driving

    LUXURY car maker BMW has been left in a spin after its new "artistic" television advertisement was banned for encouraging hoon driving. Australia's advertising watchdog outlawed the ad for a BMW convertible because driving stunts shown in the clip would break Australian road rule laws. The ad...
  16. LilMissMkIII

    The What Makes Me Happpy (WMMH) Thread

    Thread idea stolen from Toymods. Given the WPMO and FML threads, figured we needed something to counter those. WMMH today is that it's Friday, and my douchebag of a colleague isn't here!
  17. LilMissMkIII

    What Do You Consider 'Wealthy'??

    (This may need to be moved to the Political Section) Was reading a very good discussion this evening on the above topic, and was wondering what your thoughts are? Basically, in Aus, Gov't handouts/subsidies/etc are cut off at a HOUSEHOLD income of $150,000 before tax... The discussion was...
  18. LilMissMkIII

    Things that REALLY piss you off...

    Thread idea stolen from Toymods. WPMO: My migraine, it won't go the fuck away. People who have a license and don't know how to park People who park in the parents' spots at the mall (ie - R34 with no child seat) Mondays So much to do, so little time People who can't clean the cappucino machine...
  19. LilMissMkIII

    Shannons 2009 (HUGE car show in Canberra, Aus) *Image Heavy*

    Well, just got home from the show... It was AMAZING! I have never seen so many cars in one place... Everything from antique to modern, from slow to fast, ugly to sexy, and anything in between. Below are some pics of the cars that stood out for me (They are not the best pics, as I forgot my...
  20. LilMissMkIII

    So, have you ever been freaked out about something that turned out to be nothing??

    Sam was just mowing the backyard and found some big purple eggs. He rushed in to google what they could possibly be, and found out they may be snake eggs!!! Found a number of a 24 hour wildlife place, and explained what he found. The lady said they are most likely bird eggs, so nothing to...