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  1. IwantMKIII

    3P's TCCS Disassembly/Analysis

    I know how that can be. I strongly suggest the algebrator. It saved me boatloads of time while completing the ME degree. Short of calc and above it will handle everything you throw at it. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I337 using Tapatalk
  2. IwantMKIII

    Emergency'ish' thread: potentially need turbo to ship tomorrow

    Seems oil ran low and seized the turbo (surprisingly engine ok) anyone have and able to ship tomorrow? 57 trim or better is preferred. Pm or post and I'll provide a phone #. *disclaimer* yes this should be in WTB but I ask it remain until Friday evening at least due to high traffic area and...
  3. IwantMKIII

    3P's TCCS Disassembly/Analysis

    Thanks 3p, surprised I didn't see that a long time ago.
  4. IwantMKIII

    3P's TCCS Disassembly/Analysis

    Now that you've looked through the code, would you have any idea what would cause relatively severe power loss under normal engine conditions and yet worsens with heat? My suspicion has always been timing related. The power I feel during a warm engine (needle about 1/4 way up) and hot (needle up...
  5. IwantMKIII

    Knock sensor output inquiry (SAFC or datalogging users may be useful here)

    Some of you know for a long time I've had mysterious power loss at op temps. While I had suspicions of my knock sensors, I never really thought to just monitor the knock reading on SAFC. I have been monitoring the output now for several weeks and this is what I've noticed. Please let me know a...
  6. IwantMKIII

    code 12 no spark bad cps?

    History of this error suggests the wires are bad and/or loose at the connector. Jiggle them a bit and see what happens, the results may add a smile to your face. Start cheap and work your way up...
  7. IwantMKIII


    Was thinking the same thing. I'm going with a safe bet and saying he meant after-fire. On another note, YOU CANNOT PROPERLY TIME WITHOUT PUTTING THE CAR IN DIAGNOSTIC MODE. Jump terminals E1 and TE1 (? someone correct me if I'm wrong, I just know it visually at this point) It will be impossible...
  8. IwantMKIII

    code 52 **video inside** problem

    If you have easy access to a buddy's extra ECU, see what happens. A long shot but easy to check, I had a very similar problem, was a poor grounding issue; the car acts possessed and nonresponsive when the grounds are just on the cusp of not working at all and poor but usable.
  9. IwantMKIII

    burning oil on downshifts

    valve seals going. mine does this as well sometimes,
  10. IwantMKIII

    First signs and ways to tell if you have rod knock??

    I have had the same type of knock for years, never did figure it out and i've pulled the engine several times and torn it down to the block (for other reasons, blown front plate seal...terrible to do)
  11. IwantMKIII

    DO NOT BUY Powerspirit CT26

    Seems like a CXracing alternative. GL. I'm curious if it works effectively, after proper installation of course.
  12. IwantMKIII

    3 Mishi Radiators in a year, all failed the same way; fan blade impact (anyone else?)

    Re: 3 Mishi Radiators in a year, all failed the same way; fan blade impact (anyone el What ajay said. Its a downgrade. I seriously doubt you could even get a measurable power difference have a clutch fan versus not. The down side to efans is purely the fact that they cannot flow nearly as...
  13. IwantMKIII

    3 Mishi Radiators in a year, all failed the same way; fan blade impact (anyone else?)

    Re: 3 Mishi Radiators in a year, all failed the same way; fan blade impact (anyone el Its been out some time. Failed immediately in my book as I'm now shroud-less. I made a thread on this awhile back. I made Pat aware of the issue, he has avoided me since I requested them to replace my...
  14. IwantMKIII

    T61 Bolt on Turbo by Cx Racing

    No, worse. 60-1 in a CT-26 housing is destined to fail quickly.
  15. IwantMKIII

    LED Brake light should be banned agree or disagree?

    As an employee of an LED fixture manufacturer, I can tell you the LED intensity/lumen output is completely up to the manufacturer. Don't blame the LED's for their efficiency and the manufacturer who doesn't know how to design a fixture with comparable output to what's already on the road. I do...
  16. IwantMKIII

    solid hub vs sprung hub clutch?

    Out of curiosity, what is it about the synchros that limit the shift speed?
  17. IwantMKIII

    Who Increased The Debt? A lesson in deception...

    Woops, my mistake lol. Totally misread that chart, way too small, I knew something seemed off.
  18. IwantMKIII

    Who Increased The Debt? A lesson in deception...

    While I'm not disagreeing spending is out of control, nor am I defending Obama, comparing Bush's 51.03 billion/month to Obama's 135.6 billion/month is also not apples to apples. You're missing a very large factor here, inflation. Just using the first google online inflation calculator I found...
  19. IwantMKIII

    Iphone users: have any good car mount suggestions?

    I've seen those around quite a bit. I'm very surprised to hear its sturdy! Seems like with such a long flex arm plus a suction cup it would vibrate a lot Any idea what kind of mount they use and where? suction cup, sticky pad, screw, no drill mount etc?