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  1. Mr.PFloyd

    help finding out about a ring

    Well i saw one at the store the other day, but i didn't have time to ask the clerk what they were called. It was a mens ring that is worn on both the pinky and ring finger at one time. It is one piece with 2 separate rings. does anyone know what this kind of ring is called? i love the look of...
  2. Mr.PFloyd

    Any REALLY small filters?

    Well here is my issue. I went back to stock afm after selling my maft pro set up. Now the filter i had on was waaay too long to fit my OEM setup so it went on my brothers 1jz. I have an HKS adaptor on it so any 3inch filter should work, but the problem is, my IC pipes go through that...
  3. Mr.PFloyd

    So why did you ditch your first Mk3?

    Well this is sort of a 2 part question. I know some people on here ditched their 1st mk3 (nick, adam, drjonez adam) for a new one. I am wondering why though? Was the car in good shape when you decided to get a new one, so you wanted a fresh start? Was the chassis not straight? Was there rust...
  4. Mr.PFloyd

    What i have been up to: My basement build thread

    Well i have been doing this on and off for about 4 months now. Basically the basement we had was unfinished and ugly so then there was some decision along the line that it had to be done, so i got my ass to work a long side my brother and my dad, and we started work! Here is basically the...
  5. Mr.PFloyd

    Quick question about fans on the 1jz.

    Well my brothers electric fan was demolished, and we can't get a replacement for a week but he needs the car. my question is whether or not i can use the 7m clutch, fan and pulley on his setup? he has the 2jz waterpump, and not the hydraulic fluid one.
  6. Mr.PFloyd

    1+ Year old beef patty, would you eat it?

    Well me and my friend are having the munchies at 3 a.m. We found these beef patties that were in his freezer from since he moved in. THey were in their original packaging, frozen to like -40 C their entire life so to speak. So what you think, safe? no safe? edit. These patties seem to have...
  7. Mr.PFloyd

    Ron Paul: What if? Anyone else see this? Amazing speech of a generation.
  8. Mr.PFloyd

    1jz dies when coming to a stop

    Hey guys, this is for my brothers car. When i drive the car it dies usually when I am slowing down and my foot is off the accelorator coming to a stop. It doesn't show any codes so i don't know whats up. It won't hold idle basically. Now When it does die, i can start it back up and it will...
  9. Mr.PFloyd

    are 1jz battery cables the same as 7m?

    i am asking because my brothers cars cables are cut, and i have a spare set of new 7m ones. Power to starter and etc. Hell, are the ground wires the same as well?
  10. Mr.PFloyd

    Street Fighter IV!

    Soo i haven't heard anything about it from you guys but it is being released in about a weeks time for consoles. i have been playing it non stop at an arcade in the GTA... anyone else excited to see it come out? Anyone else play it? -Tom ps. Guile ftw. SONIC BOOM!
  11. Mr.PFloyd

    Leather Pants on Men Yay,Nay or Gay?

    Simple question, smart ass comments are welcomed too :D Keep it fun and civilized!
  12. Mr.PFloyd

    Leak from Cps area

    So my car has been parked for 2 months because of winter, and i decided just to fire her up today. What a great sound it was. But anyway, i remember just before i parked it, i had a slight leak from around the cps area. I don't remember what it was, but i am almost positive it was oil. i...
  13. Mr.PFloyd

    URGENT Heater help

    Well the heater on my brothers car has stopped. i searched for a few threads, but they all lead just to the same end, the vsv. His was already bypassed, but it still doesn't work. I can hear his fan go on as well. There is no coolant leaks btw, so that is out of the question. Anything that i am...
  14. Mr.PFloyd

    Looking at rebuilding your diff? here is a good link to help.

    The turbo miata guys do this a lot and then some guy did a good writeup. enjoy!
  15. Mr.PFloyd

    Clutch Grabbing near very bottom

    Well, my brothers 1jz car recently started to do this. He stopped driving his and is driving my car for the time being, but heres the problem. His clutch grabs waay too low. It is near bottoming out where it grabs. I saw that he was low on fluid, i filled it out and attempted to bleed it, but...
  16. Mr.PFloyd

    Found the best car video online. EVER. Amazing, truly breathtaking.
  17. Mr.PFloyd

    Blitz Supra goes on sale... What a car to go on sale. Lots of history in Blitz, and whoever gets this owns A great snapshot of automotive history...
  18. Mr.PFloyd

    Spongy Brakes all of a sudden?

    Well here it is. I changed my rotors today (took all of 1 hour :D ) And ever since i did that, my brakes feel a little spongy. What is weird is that i didn't touch the lines at all, and no fluid got leaked. The brakes still stop good, it is just unusual to have this spongy feel. What could...
  19. Mr.PFloyd

    Car is Stupid Rich....

    So recently, i have done the maft pro conversion. It has been fine for a while, but last night, i was on a long romantic drive :biglaugh: and the car under cruise started to become super rich. I am talking 7.4 rich. I began to play around with it, and under higher throttle it would lean out a...
  20. Mr.PFloyd

    Supra On Doctor Phil LOLOLOL!

    It is on right now, about kids racing, and the main guy is a young guy who drives a supra haha.