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  1. 91whitepack

    Boost drop off issues

    hmm. Sounds like what mine did when the turbo started leaking at the manifold. Everytime ive had a boost leak the car went rich and smoked. Sometimes hit fuel cut if it was a bad enough leak.
  2. 91whitepack

    Hood scoops

    beautiful car.
  3. 91whitepack

    Greddy E-01 Unit Update

    So I bought a e01 and it doesnt have the card in it. Just shows the take it easy screen. Will following these steps give me what I need to make a boank sd card make my controller work? I'm not to good with computers and dont understand half of this. Anyone want to make one for me? If so let me...
  4. 91whitepack

    where and how do I change my fuel filter?

    i was thinking the same thing about it being a long lasting filter but at the same time i dont think they let the fuel system set for a few years with bad gas in it either.
  5. 91whitepack

    Changing my head gasket, me asking for your help while doing this

    And thats why I opted for the suprasport softline kit. Kit was WAY easier than putting the stock back on. Good fit and no leaks on the first try. Seems like Everytime I put the stock line back on I would have a leak at the turbo. Then again I may just suck
  6. 91whitepack

    where and how do I change my fuel filter?

    Yeah it's not fun to get too.
  7. 91whitepack

    Some pics of my mkiii

    Sweet car. Im loving the fitment of your rims. Also, the silver coil pack cover looks awesome. Makes me wish i had one.
  8. 91whitepack

    speedometer cable question

    Found it! Im missing the 14 inch lower cable. does this sound right for this transmission because i know the automatics have the little elbow.
  9. 91whitepack

    speedometer cable question

    whats EPC? ill try to see what i can find.
  10. 91whitepack

    painting the turbo compressor housing

    I agree. I dont think 200 degree is going to hold up for to long.
  11. 91whitepack

    speedometer cable question

    So my supra sat up for a while and when i finally got to fixing it i noticed my speedometer cable is hanging from the car. The gear assembly is there, and the cable is there with the part you grab to screw it in. When i tried to screw it in the part on the cable with the threads on the inside...
  12. 91whitepack

    Changing my head gasket, me asking for your help while doing this

    Thanks for explaining that Cyrus. I put the exhaust manifold and the lower intake runner on before i put the head back on. I did this because of what Cyrus was saying about it being a pain while its on the car if one of the pulls out. I also took the time to clean the block up while the head was...
  13. 91whitepack

    new fog light rewire for hid fogs and heads

    mine work fine with the SOGI mod also. i put H1 bulbs so i had to do a little mods to make them fit but the were not to far off. works great. Glad to see you got it figured out though.
  14. 91whitepack

    Changing my head gasket, me asking for your help while doing this

    If the exhaust studs do come out with the bolt seized on them i would get new studs and helicoil the head. When i broke mine lose (after soaking in penetrating oil) 4 of the 7 studs came out along with the threads from inside the head! Do not over torque these when installing them. I didn`t have...
  15. 91whitepack

    What would your 1st hand gun be?

    Mine is a SnW 38 snub nose revolver with an extended grip. i love it
  16. 91whitepack

    Slow Boosting - Wastegate Actuator?

    i would try to hook the wastegate actuator back to the turbo stock and eliminate the hks to see if it is the boost controller. If it still does it i would look elsewhere.
  17. 91whitepack

    Jeff's 2JZ Powered MK3 Build

    Impressive!. The whole car is brilliantly done
  18. 91whitepack

    Overheating when I get off the highway!!

    could not having a thermostat have anything to do with it?
  19. 91whitepack

    Fuel Injector wiring.

    I couldn't get mine to start either. My cps apparently got turned by someone playing with my damn parts. I turned it little, put it back in and tried to start. Took about 8 try's to get it to crank and then it was still way out when we put a timing light on it. Is there any way it got turned...
  20. 91whitepack

    Occasional backfiring in between shifts

    Mine has always done this. Even before I installed my atmospheric blow off valve. If I bring it right where it gets over zero and granny shift it will shoot a flame Everytime.