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    removing condensor?

    How hard is it to remove the A/C condensor? Have to rip half the front end apart or what? I'd like to get rid of it (save a lil weight and all in all just get it out of the damn way). My A/C isn't even hooked up so I assume there's no real purpose to having it sitting there.
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    how to make your kid cry... soooo halarious, i had to pick myself up off the floor after that one. what an evil ass parent though, rofl
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    Porsche launched new 997TT... Can anyone let me borrow a couple hundred G's? :D
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    crazy idea...

    Welp, lately I've been on edge on what to do about my car. I been teetering between takin the bullet and fixing all the bs, or swapping the turbo and stuff onto the M3. I weighed my question on and one guy actually suggested swapping the 1JZ into the M3. He said that the 2JZ...
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    sanctioned drifting in NC?

    I've been thinkin about getting into drifting with my M3 but, after doing some searches I haven't really been able to come up with much information on drift comps in NC. Mostly autocrosses come up (and a lot of BS about some agricultural crap). Anyone know of any organizations in the area that...
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    radiator temp sensor

    Ok so check it...I HAVE a sensor for the radiator but problem is the wires are cut on it. So I'm assuming this means my fan doesn't cut on at all. I'm sure my best bet would be to buy a new temp sensor with the wires but, I don't know where it wires to. Anyone got one for sell and any info on...
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    what cap for Koyo radiator?

    I been tryin to figure this out for a while, and the only thing I really haven't done is buy a bunch of random radiator caps and just see which one works. Anyone know what kinda cap I can use on the Koyo aluminum radiator?
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    screw fedex

    So, I ordered the Koyo radiator for my 1j from HPF. I checked the tracking on it yesterday and it said it was DELIVERED on Friday. Well, seeing as the only person who was at my house on Friday was my sister and she said nothing came, this leads me to believe the idiots took it to the wrong...
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    jumpin on the bandwagon (got a bike)

    Welp, Yup, I'm jumping on the bandwagon as well. Bought my friend's Yamaha 600R for $250, lol. It runs. just needs tires, the rear end needs aligned and a basic tune-up. It's an 84 but, really doesn't look all that bad.
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    1JZ belt w/out AC?

    Sup guys. Currently the only reason my car has an AC compressor on it is so the belt still fits. There's no lines running from the compressor, so I don't have air at all. It's just there to make everything fit. Is there a shorter belt we can run so we can take the compressor off?
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    New Car (56k beware)

    Welp, I picked this up on Tuesday. Got a great deal on it (ended up paying $10,900). It's a 97 M3 4-door. The 4-door M3's are pretty rare since they were only made in 97 and 98. It's got one touch everything (windows up and down, sunroof open), awesome factory stero system (tho I'm changing...
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    the Prelude for sell

    I need to get rid of this thing. I was almost done with the body work when the motor started knocking. This is the 2nd motor I've put in the car, I just did an oil change and never really drove it all that hard. I had thought about upgrading from the H23 to an H22 and would probably have less...
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    Favorite GT4 course?

    Mine has to be Nurburgring Nordschleife. Awesome ass course, I've seen videos of people running it irl (specifically this chick goin all out in an M5). I've pretty much mastered the course with a 190E (which I actually plan on buying a 2.6 5-speed irl soon). Course has a good mix of all out...
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    custom intake (pics)

    welp, what started off as just swapping the intake filter from my Prelude to the Supra turned out to me taking the intake pipe off the Prelude, cutting it down and putting it on the Supra as well. Not bad for a 10 minute job: I wanted to try to get it to go into the fenderwell where...
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    I need a radiator, OEM spec or aftermarket I don't care. Mine has 2 cracks in it and since it's plastic, it'll only get worse.
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    washed and waxed, 56k beware

    After getting the clutch and flywheel installed yesterday I've been more enthusiastic about the car. So since it was nice today I washed and waxed it. Nevermind the missing door trims, I'm getting replacements from a friend's parts car pretty soon.
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    new toys (pics)

    Just got flywheel in today so I figured I'd throw up a couple pics just cuz I'm pretty much excited. Probably getting everything installed on Friday. Obviously a JUN flywheel, nice 12 lbs right there. Excellent quality. RPS sport clutch and pressure plate. Rated at 420lbs/ft...
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    Goodbye SupraMania

    Welp, it's time for my farewell. This is supposed to be a community, in communities generally people get along. But, not so the case here. But for the ones who actually provide useful information and are good people, thank you for your contributions. I still have a few of you guys on my...
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    Clutch and flywheel on the way!

    Welp, I got my tax returns back today. So, I ordered the RPS 6 puck clutch (rated at 420lbs/ft of torque) and the JUN 12lbs flywheel. Hopefully within a few weeks I'll have her up and running strong (then I just gotta break the damn stuff in). Pointless post really, just excited to finally...
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    Selling Prelude

    Hey guys, I'm lookin for someone kinda local (states near/surrounding NC) looking to buy a Prelude. It's a 95 SI with 17" Tenzo-R Shu-4's and a cold air intake (brand new filter). The exterior needs a paintjob but other than that it's in good condition. The interior is damn near perfect. I...