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  1. Roger UK

    Wiring the 2jz into the ma70 chassis

    My 2JZ-GE transplant into my 1991 Manual Supra is still running great ! Here in Britain there are a lot of imported Mk4 Supras . . . so I was able to find everything I needed from a crashed car - Not just a 2JZ with all Ancillaries, ECU and Loom from a Supra (which has the correct sump, etc)...
  2. Roger UK

    Will ECU work?

    OK, thank you. Sending it to a guy who rebuilt his engine, but connected all the brown chassis wires (that connect under the Inlet Manifold) to +12V . . . I'm pretty sure he will have fried at least part of his ECU!
  3. Roger UK

    No spark from coil, no fuel, No Link w/ OBDII code reader, no power to radio

    Forget the Code Reader . . . have you tried linking the pins on the Diagnostics port and reading the Flashes of the Engine Light to see what codes you get? (as per the details in the TSRM) Does the engine turn over OK? The radio has nothing to do with the ECU, so sounds like you have a power...
  4. Roger UK

    Will ECU work?

    Will a 7MGTE ECU from an Automatic car fit and work in a Manual car with a 7M-GTE ? (both are Facelift models) I seem to remember it will . . . but can somebody please confirm before I send it. (Trying to help someone out who has blown up their ECU!)
  5. Roger UK

    What are your favorite things about MKIII Supras?

    Just love how it looks and how it drives. Took mine to a local Classic car Show at the weekend . . . lots of admiring comments, and not just from old guys. Lots of young kids really love it, compared to most modern cars! And what's my favourite thing about MY Mk3? Having a 2JZ engine in...
  6. Roger UK

    Guide to installing the 89+ stock front lip/spoiler?

    I've got a brand new one (boxed) I picked up cheap on ebay a few years ago . . . but waiting to get my front bumper re-sprayed before I eventually fit it!
  7. Roger UK

    2JZGTE MKIII Swap Info

    Haven't read every single post in this thread, but just a couple of comments . . . It's certainly much easier if you get a 2JZ engine (and ECU) from a Mk4 Supra, along with all the ancillaries The Mk3 Temperature Gauge sender fits in the 2JZ block - I swapped mine so I knew the gauge...
  8. Roger UK

    Rebuild on a 7M-GE

    Just to pick up on this discussion . . . as a long-time Mk3 N/A owner (15 years) who has also done a lot of research. In my opinion, when it comes to reliability there is no comparison between the the 7M-GE and the 2JZ-GE ! The 7M was one of the most powerful 3 litre engines when it came out ...
  9. Roger UK


    Nobody is telling you to replace your Head Gasket . . . yet ! Not until you've done proper tests. It's just that I doubt very much if your problem is down to the Rad Cap. Some of us have had a lot of experience of these 7M engines . . . myself it's 15 years . . . and we know all the regular...
  10. Roger UK

    Coolant issue

    If the plan is to replace the complete engine, then you can keep on driving and just top it up when it overflows - eventually it will be undrivable. However . . . as I mentioned, once coolant starts getting in the oil it will permanently damage the big ends - even if they don't fail straight...
  11. Roger UK


    I also doubt that the cap is your problem, I'm afraid. When the HG starts to fail on these engines it usually starts leaking INTERMITTENTLY. It can be fine for a couple of weeks . . . and then one day you will get pressurisation and tons of coolant pushed into the overflow bottle. When this...
  12. Roger UK

    Coolant issue

    The stock radiator is fine, so don't bother changing that ! (unless you're doing a 400hp modification) I'm afraid if you have water gushing out into the overflow bottle, that usually indicates pressurisation in the cooling system, due to a blown head gasket. As you're probably aware, the 7M...
  13. Roger UK

    Exhaust mods for a 7mge

    I presume you just have ONE Cat (like on UK Cars), after the twin downpipes? Here in the UK there is no legal requirement to have a Cat, as long as the car still meets the Emissions Spec (which the 7M EASILY does!) And having no Cat does not cause any kind of exhaust smell ! HOWEVER . . ...
  14. Roger UK

    MKIII 2j swap can't get a/c to work. Need Help!!!

    Are you using the 2JZ Aircon Compressor? (but with the head off your 7M one) The 2JZ Compressor has 4 wires coming off it . . . but you can remove all of those - just find the single wire that comes out of the actual compressor itself. You then attach that to the single wire that comes...
  15. Roger UK

    Need Suggestions for Fully Customizable JZ Harness Listing

    Have you thought about also offering just Plug n' Play adaptors, to save people having to buy a whole new (expensive) harness? When I put a 2JZ-GE in my Mk3 Supra, I obviously got the new engine WITH its harness and ECU all attached. Having spent dozens of hours comparing the circuit diagrams...
  16. Roger UK

    W58 year differences

    I'm pretty certain the pre- and post-Facelift W58s used in the Mk3 are the same. I guess you never imported many MANUAL Mk3s in the USA . . . here in England there are LOADS of s/h W58s available from scrap cars, pretty cheap. I've just bought a replacement for £100 - only because my existing...
  17. Roger UK

    car dies when i let off the throttle

    The AFMs on the 7M-GE tend to be very reliable (unlike on the 7M-GTE) . . . I bet you just have a dirty connector somewhere - on the AFM, TPS, Distributor, etc As just posted on another thread, on ALL engines people should unplug all the connectors every 3-4 years, give both sides a...
  18. Roger UK

    Acceleration loss at random while driving

    The diagnostics on the Mk3 Supra are pretty good . . . If it is SUDDENLY losing all power just for a moment, then coming back on again, that can't be down to running lean or rich, that would just affect performance generally. Similarly, you can rule out the O2 Sensor, as that just fine tunes...
  19. Roger UK

    Best performance clutch 7mge

    Yes, the 7M-GTE uses a PULL clutch setup, guess your vehicle has the conventional PUSH type, as used on the 7M-GE. I just use a stock clutch, so can't recommend a particular uprated one . . . But the MK4 Supras with the N/A engine (2JZ-GE) use exactly the same clutch as the 7M-GE (I know...
  20. Roger UK

    DIY: R-12 to R-134a Conversion (How To)

    But lots of people say that R134a doesn't work well in R12 systems . . . apart from the mineral oil issue, it's at too low a pressure . . . plus you need all the connectors and O-rings changing, many say you need new hoses too. Just spoke an aircon guy here in England and he says RS24 is a good...