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  1. Facime

    Cinder: A love story (my MK2 Supra)

    I dont frequent this place much these days but I thought at least a few of you would enjoy this. My latest mini-resto project. (technically this is a teaser for a car that is for sale. I hope since I meet the...
  2. Facime

    looking for anyone in Wichita... look at a car for me. I am interested in a car located there but dont want to buy it sight unseen. would love to find a helpful person in that area that can at least go look at the car for me in person. I need to do this ASAP. PM me contact details if you are willing to do this.
  3. Facime

    my summer project!

    I thought a few members here might appreciate this one so I thought I might give a little teaser of the summer project. sorry, way to much to do to before I can even give a full body shot. (Bonus to anyone who can correctly identify the year! ;) )
  4. Facime

    time for me set my own record straight

    Ive been partly too busy, and partly too lazy to do this properly but it's time that I set the record straight on a few things. This will probably be an extraordinarily long and complex post so if you care to understand my recent behavior on SM and my socio-political stance then please try to...
  5. Facime

    full story required Anyone on here? I would love to hear the story behind that. :rofl:
  6. Facime

    Hand stitched leather goods

    I have decided that while Im going back to school Im going to try to do stuff that keeps me close to home instead of on the road all day. Having experimented with my own car to get my technique down I think Im ready to take on some work, SO, PTS Enterprises adds a new service available...
  7. Facime

    Annual college footbal kickoff

    So Im a huge college footbal fan and this week marks the beginning of the season for most teams so as I did last year I thought I would start off with a couple questions. 1. Who is your favorite team? (one answer only please) 2. Who will win the championship this year? 3. What do you think of...
  8. Facime

    CNC career advice

    Ok, I figured we have a few CNC guys here so its as good a place as any to ask. Im sick of what I do. The general public is SOO fuckin stupid when it comes to computers and having to deal with them on a daily basis has gotten severely depressing. I only got into computers as a side result of...
  9. Facime

    My newest car video - Fall06 Peak Run

    Ok this footage was long lost until recently. I got a little bored today and decided to whip together a little music montage. I hope you enjoy it!
  10. Facime

    Lucy burnout/donuts from fall06 enjoy
  11. Facime

    PacNW supranationals drags

    I have more coming and will post them as I get them coded. Here are several of Pimptrizkits 85 7MGTE, unfortunately I missed his 13 flat run. Sorry James!
  12. Facime

    celebs die in 3's - Isaac Hayes #2 I will miss your Chocolate Salty Balls! :cry: RIP Who is next?
  13. Facime

    Olympics thread

    I noticed no one else has so much as mentioned the olympics here so I thought I might start this thread and blow the horn of a couple Oregon athletes while I was at it. The women swept the individual saber fencing event. Mariel Zagunis took the gold and Becca Ward took bronze, both fighting...
  14. Facime

    2jz afm? :rolleyes: Not a bad buy but the seller is completely full of shit.
  15. Facime

    fwd clutch replacements FTL!

    So I spent all day today trying to remove the transaxle from SavannahAshleys eclipse turbo. Well ok to be fair I spent most of the day removing other stuff so I COULD remove the tranaxle, and only about an hour on the tranaxle itself. It gave me fits in the end but I have to also admit Im not...
  16. Facime

    7MGTE free for removal

    not mine but just saw this if anyone wants to scrounge it up.
  17. Facime

    Facime's Mk2 build

    CURRENT STATUS: GREEN, Car runs fantastic, feels good and has NO major issues left to tackle. Total spent on the car as of 9/1/08 - $1810 The story is that when I moved back to Oregon after a fiasco in Houston, I was driving a cheap Jeep Cherokee that I used to move. I sold that one...
  18. Facime

    you know you live in a white city when...

    Meeting a black guy becomes a city event...I shit you not!
  19. Facime

    Chevelle to die for Just thought I would share something that is available in the NW. I presonally prefer the 66, but had a brown 67 in high school myself, so this one hits close to home. Enjoy this gusy pictures, I know I did
  20. Facime

    Random things that irritate me

    People in front of me on the road talking on a cell phone. Landscapers that start work with power tools at 6AM. biting my cheek in the same spot, TWICE! People who post in threads to say "Thats all wrong" but dont offer contrary facts. Paper cuts. Having to handle styrofoam with very dry...