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  1. wiseco7mgt

    bonding with a car.

    Guys let me paint a picture, it's a warm Aussie day and i'm quite intoxicated.(thank you Wild Turkey) My car had a small oil leak so i decided to pull it apart and refit all new gaskets although the original ones all looked like new except for the one causing the problem.I got a little carried...
  2. wiseco7mgt

    Do you think this person knows what they have?

    Hi guys, just stumbling around Ebay and found this Supra add that caught my eye.Seems the owner has no idea what they actually own and would be a bargain for anyone living in the near vicinity. The wheels are a crime to all...
  3. wiseco7mgt

    Holset turbos new on ali barba

    Hi guys, after researching Holsets for a little while now i decided to try and source a HX40 for a future build. After asking at local truck wreckers and finding out how much they wanted i decided to see how much for a new unit and came across these...
  4. wiseco7mgt

    What is Motorkote?

    I recently met a guy that was a salesman for this product and he was quite excited over how amazing it was telling all sorts of stories of endurance tests and the like so i asked him for the brochure on its specs and chatted some before partings ways. I'm pretty much skeptical about anything...
  5. wiseco7mgt

    Thank you supracentral!

    Just wanted to say a quick thank you to Mike for saving us Aussies stuck not being able to access this site from our i.s.p's. It was the longest and most depressing week of my life car related, it's amazing how much it means just to be able to put work out of your mind for a little while and...
  6. wiseco7mgt

    Very mint ma70

    Found another mint ma70 in aussie land, from the pics it looks very sweet indeed. The paint has more shine than mine and looks to be very well looked after, just thought i'd post up if anyone was chasing a poo and needed options...
  7. wiseco7mgt

    Found another turbo-a cheap!

    So i came across this the other day, looks like it could be a good start for a Aussie supra lover, sure supras are expensive to maintain but just think if you didn't have a supra to spend your money on you'd probably have a girlfriend instead who would just spend it for you anyway...
  8. wiseco7mgt

    Clutch release issue.

    So i fitted up my clutch and pressure plate i had rebuilt by a shop in Australia and put it all back like it used to be, carefully installing all the washers in the right order e.t.c and when i push the clutch peddle to the floor it won't dissengage. I refitted a new clutch slave and clutch...
  9. wiseco7mgt

    Unfair fines!

    So i just wanted to share a fine i just received 30 mins ago whilst on my 250rr motorbike. I was coming home after dropping off my old boys ute when i stopped at the lights and waited for them to turn green (as you do). When i took off i gave it quarter throttle, let out the clutch and as the...
  10. wiseco7mgt

    7mgte ski boat?

    So this idea came about as i wanted to get back into wakeboarding, a sport i was big into several years ago now. I've been looking into a ski boat and prefer the inboard but most of the inboards are v8's for obvious reasons. My idea is to get a boat that's hull is in good conditon and pull out...
  11. wiseco7mgt

    stinger 6860 tach help

    So i have a stinger 6860 and i'm wiring the tacho to a aux output, i used aarons wiring diagram and it's all wired up correctly although i used a 560 ohm resistor i think 5w and i cant get the tach to work.The stinger manual says i can use between a 500-1000 ohm resisitor so i cant understand...
  12. wiseco7mgt

    Turbo-A about to have it's heart removed

    So i bought this because it was shiny and i wanted to spend some money, lol. It's a genuine turbo-A and is pretty mint inside and out.I have all the genuine bits that came with the car in the shed so if i wanted i could return it back to original but for now i'll have some fun and modify the...
  13. wiseco7mgt

    tune opinion and feedback

    Hi guys i have a friend whos just had his 7mgte ma70 turboA dynotuned, and the technique the tuner used puzzled me a little.He first set the timing at 15 degrees(stock turbo A cams) then proceeded to tune the map ecu at 11 afr across the board and wouldnt tune the car over 14psi because he said...
  14. wiseco7mgt

    1jz map ecu?

    hi guys i have a map ecu latest version and was going to use it on my 1jz supra, is anyone tuning with this setup?is there any issues that may arise? i originally bought it for my 7mgte but it doesnt need any extra power as its now my daily.any tips would be greatly appreciated
  15. wiseco7mgt

    jza70 new toy

    Hi guys just wanted to share my new toy with you all , its a ma70 shell (widebody) refitted as a jza70 with all the bits including an mv automatics shift kitted auto and jza rear diff.Shocks are bilsteins and the springs are jza70.It runs a whiteline rear sway bar setup and the front has the...
  16. wiseco7mgt

    noooooooooooooo! not to a ma70

    i think this speaks fo itself.
  17. wiseco7mgt

    turbo A h/gasket up rebuild

    Well a mate of mine just blew his turbo A headgasket so i jumped at the chance to fix it hopefully better than ever. It will be getting a few new bits such as:ARP head bolts, map ecu, apexi filter, port and polish and the usual head jobs(sounds dirty)valves, valve stem seals e.t.c, HKS...