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  1. PureDrifter

    7MGE sputters and bogs <2500rpm. checked stuff! Edit: SOLVED!!!

    Spent a fairly large amount of time searching and troubleshooting, this is where i'm at:nono: bought the car with BHG, head was shaved, stone headgasket w/ARP studs, new gaskets most everywhere, new plugs (NGK v-power copper), new wires (NGK), thermostat, and more stuff. as it is, the car...
  2. PureDrifter

    Kouki Lexus LS400 UCF20L

    Hola, some of you may recognize me from ClubLexus and/or VIPStyleCars and seeing as how i recently picked up something to toy around with i figured i should post some pictures of my current DD :naughty: these are some older pics, some back before i went full coilover, the car sits lower now...