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    No fuel injector pulse on AEM EMS V2

    My 7mgte ran fine on AEM EMS V1. I switched over to AEM EMS V2 from Driftmotion. I have the ignition timing set up and appears to be firing like it should. But I have no start. I used a Noid light tester and I have no fuel injector pulse on all 6 injectors. I have a Tweaked wiring harness but my...
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    1zzfe coils on 7mgte & AEM EMS series 2

    I was running my 7mgte on AEM EMS series 1. I had 1zzfe coils and I got it running on that setup. I just upgraded to AEM EMS series 2 (the Driftmotion Honda ECU). Can anyone verify the options I need to make in AEMTuner for COP coils? Under the coils tab I have Coil #1 - On, Leading...
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    wiring 1zz coils to AEM EMS V1

    I've probably read dozens of threads on running the 1zz individual coils on aem ems and I can't seem to get a straight answer to my question. Seems to be because there are so many different setups and so many different opinions. I understand the 1zz coils have 12v, ground, trigger. 12v and...
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    stuck brakes

    I'm trying to narrow down a problem I'm having with my brakes. I recently redid my engine bay so the brake boost and master cylinder were removed. Everything was reinstalled including a line lock device. The brakes were bleed and rebleed. I had some problems bleeding through the abs actuator but...
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    dash harness

    A/C on my car has never worked. Back in 2005 I was told it just needed a freon fill by the previous owner. I bought the car with all a/c parts inact. We converted it to R132a and filled it. I could jump the compressor and a/c works. So I replaced / tested every electronic part I could think of...
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    OS Giken clutch release movement kit not fitting

    I need some help. Who has installed a clutch release movement alternation kit? This is required with my clutch, but its not sitting correctly. It seems to be out of center by at least 1/4 inch. Here is the bracket thats out of center. On one end has two bolts that bolt to the bell housing...
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    How to: Survyor2's 750+rwhp dual pump 1/2" fuel system

    As requested, I did a write up on my new -8 (1/2 inch) fuel setup using a Bosch 044 fuel pump and a Walbro 255 fuel pump. I plan to use this to get me to 600rwhp. If you followed my other thread, I hit 540ft-lb torque then ran out of fuel when I got to 5000 rpm. Here is everything you need...
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    almost hit 600rwhp last night

    So my previous best was 470rwhp at 24psi on race gas. Since then I added, AEM EMS, 272 BC cams springs and retainers, KSracing intake manifold, 3" piping, q45 tb, 680cc injs (was 550cc), etc. I'm still on my little 61 turbo. So last night I had no problem hitting 471rwhp/417ft-lb on pump...
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    Best valves for my setup?

    I'm having some trouble deciding which 7mgte valves are best for me. -Needs to be +1mm over -Good for 7000rpm -Head is fully ported, BC springs & retainers, BC 272 cams I was looking at Ferrea 6000 but HPF website states "Must be used with all other Ferrea valvetrain components" which I...
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    zero compression on all 6 cylinders

    I'm not new to assembling the 7mgte, but I can't figure this one out. Sometimes I do stupid mistakes and then it dawns on me but here is what I have. I took the head off the motor to install BC springs, retainers and 272 cams. I reinstalled the head with my HKS stopper headgasket with copper...
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    Smaller alternator

    I'm in the process of doing some custom work around the alternator. For the record I can get the stock altenator to fit but not in an ideal way. I want more clearance in the back. Does anyone know of an alterntor that is not as deep as the stock one? Every millimeter counts. I see there are...
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    AEM EMS idle problem for beginner

    I have the AEM EMS 30-1130 installed on 7mgte with AEM PRO version I set up the throttle and timing. I have added that I am using a AEM 3.5 bar manifold pressure sensor and RC 550 3ohm injectors. You can see my other mods in my signature. I have removed the MAF since I installed the...
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    R154 pops out of first gear

    From a dead stop, I put the transmission in first gear. 50% of the time it pops out of gear as soon as the clutch touches the flywheel. I re-shift into first and 50% chance of it slipping out again. I always get going after 1-3 attempts. Pain in the ass at red lights. If i put the car in...
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    blower fan electrical diagrams

    I made a post before about my blower fan not working. So far I have replaced the fan motor, resistor, relays, and a/c controls with no luck. After we went over the whole system testing for power, the fan relay is not getting any power. The system works if i power the relay with a wire. Were is...
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    Tuning with race gas

    I searched this topic because I thought this would have been a topic covered many times but I'm not having much luck. And the information that I do find is conflicting. On 93 oct: 7mgte, 440rwhp, 18psi, lexus afm, 550cc, .70 a/r SP61 turbo i shoot for 11.7afr at max psi. I'm on 110oct...
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    Am I missing a relay?

    A/C doesn't kick on. Blower fan doesn't kick on. Already replaced: fan resistor, blower motor, a/c controls. Something missing here behind the passenger side panel? (to the right of the green relay) Thanks, Dennis
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    440HP Supra video shoot

    This is my first attempt ever at making videos. It turned out fantastic.
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    odd compression test q&a

    I just installed a rebuilt head with headwork on my 7mgte and I'm getting some odd compression test numbers on a cold engine: 1. 95 2. 110 3. 118 4. 65 5. 90 6. 122 Now I know your thinking bhg but... 1. HKS stopper headgasket never even fired up, reused, inspected, viton throughly...
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    bad knock sensors on dyno? (pics/vids)

    Did bad knock sensors/wiring do this to my dyno reading? I street tuned the car, 17psi, 93oct, 11.7afr. It pulled very hard and very fast. The day before I went to the dyno I could feel the power drop. I didn't know what it was on the dyno. No codes on dyno. AFR fell to 10.6 during the power...
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    My 90 Supra turbo

    I don't post here much but I thought I'd share some pictures of my car I took mostly today. Here is a list of everything I've done the past 12 months. I've been busy. What do you think? 1990 Grand National Black SP61 Turbo Supra Unabridged Modification List: Body: fresh Buick Grand...