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  1. hvyman

    Wiring the 2jz into the ma70 chassis

    It’s not that complicated. It’s mostly swapping the body connectors so it plugs into the chassis. Everything from ecu to engine remained the same. May have to extend the harness tho. Have done it both ways, cutting the whole looks cleaner. But I would choose to extend it and route it like...
  2. hvyman

    Harmonic Balancer Install Kit - Can't Find Correct Bolt Size

    Shouldn’t need an installed. Should slide on. At worst line it up with the key and tap it with a plastic hammer and then use the bolt.
  3. hvyman

    Fuel pump

    Stock mk4 fuel pump. Aeromotive stealth. Bosch 044 intank. Walbro 255. Something like those.
  4. hvyman

    Help with Digital Cps setup

    You can move it to a point to get it running and then adjust it with a timing light. You can also adjust the timing point in the emu software.
  5. hvyman

    Energy Suspension - Rear Control Arm Poly Kit Information

    I’ve had most spherical bushing come out rather easy.
  6. hvyman

    Door Panel Wiring

    Check the door switch for the light.
  7. hvyman

    7mgte stock knock sensor torque?

    I don’t see it either. But it just needs to be snug. Maybe like 10ftlbs.
  8. hvyman

    Trusted lug nut brands?

    I had some green ones a long time ago. They scratched where the socket rode. A buddy has some newer one and they don’t scratch. The black ones don’t scratch either. I have the newer 2pc black ones currently. They come with a socket that fits 3/8ths guns. I use a snap on 3/8 electric impact...
  9. hvyman

    Trusted lug nut brands?

    I use muteki. They start front around 80$ ish
  10. hvyman

    Clutch Issue Need Help

    Ya the spacer is for a auto flexplate. Not needed for manual trans.
  11. hvyman


    No. You use the output from the wideband and connect it to the stand alone. There should be a dedicated pin usage for it. Or at least a standard one. You want the standalone to have all the real time info from the sensors.
  12. hvyman

    more than you ever wanted to know about wire

    Way late but for the nylon tie wrap. You can use varnish so the knot doesn’t come undone. The wax stuff is nice since it stays but it’s weird on the hands. For the duetsch connectors I use the af8 crimper.
  13. hvyman


    The ecu master should have built in datalogging. Don’t need datalogging on the wideband. Once it started then you need to change the fuel map to get it correct. Of course all the other settings need to be checked as well and all sensors need to be calibrated.
  14. hvyman

    Oil before start

    Just pull the efi dude and crank till you see oil pressure. 30sec cranking. 30sec cool down for starter. Repeat. Cranking rpm with everything hooked up is fine. Will take 1-2 cycles.
  15. hvyman


    Not totally as setups are not always the same. But it’s something to start. Starting with nothing is not something you want to do.
  16. hvyman

    Average amount of oil recovered after an oil change on a stockish 7M-GTE?

    Then you should be adding oil in between oil changes. Driving with low oil is not good.
  17. hvyman


    Yes. You should start with the base maps. It’s should not be used for anything other than limp mode basically. Still needs full tune.
  18. hvyman

    Turns over but doesn't start and no CEL

    Bad turbo timer harness or one that unplugged itself could cause that for sure.
  19. hvyman

    Interior Fuse Box Replacement

    It un bolts and unplugs. No need to solder anything