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  1. Tajabaho1

    Blitz K26/K27 Twin Turbo Kit

    probably about the same as a DBB GT35R
  2. Tajabaho1

    1jz help!

    yes and no, now the car won't go into higher rev on cold start it just sits at very low idle until it warms up
  3. Tajabaho1

    The Dumbest Fuck of the day

    ..........omfg - - no words can describe how rediculous the solution is why the fuck...........what the fuck...........seriously da fuck...........
  4. Tajabaho1

    How would you....

    wet towel and alot of care?
  5. Tajabaho1

    1jz help!

    alrighty !
  6. Tajabaho1

    1jz help!

    ^ I AFC was never used really spliced into the pressure because I only used it as a gauge
  7. Tajabaho1

    1jz help!

    hey guys, I really need your help today freaked me out I went to the dentist, and when I got in my car to get home, the car wouldn't start, it just clicked and the starter wouldn't go I tried to call Aaron, but I guess he's on thanksgiving break (just my luck :() anyhow, I prayed...
  8. Tajabaho1

    Status update, 11/24/09 Ridiculous incident, need advice: let it go or take a stand?

    Re: Status update, 11/24/09 Ridiculous incident, need advice: let it go or take a st ^ he will walk from experience, if the prosecutor does not make a stand on the case, most of the time it will fail, the only thing after that (if you decide to go to the next level) is to sue him in court...
  9. Tajabaho1

    What goes into a 1jz swap

    7mgte = very good motor, a bit heavy on maintainance compared to 1jz, but nothing compared to rotaries, cheap, relatively reliable, mods are wtf cheap, makes tons of torque, cannot rev worth a shit (compared to anything other than diesel), great drag motor (prepare to spend shit tons to make it...
  10. Tajabaho1

    RS Fujimoto 1.5JZ JZA70 Build thread

    showing the americans how it's done crap, I'm american :(
  11. Tajabaho1

    It's 19XX - Where were you when your Supra was made?

    1987, I was still in heaven
  12. Tajabaho1

    Roundfingers 1jz...

    235whp? sounds kinda low :(
  13. Tajabaho1

    I find it somewhat sad...

    I love that song :) but then again, I'm a history freak :D
  14. Tajabaho1

    2jz NO! NO! They'v gone bad

    low blow 0.o
  15. Tajabaho1

    a70 supra vs fc rx7 vs r32 skyline vs 300zx

    omfg, holy shit body roll.....
  16. Tajabaho1

    2jz NO! NO! They'v gone bad

    ^ I blame the fucking leprechaun, it took out his turboz yo
  17. Tajabaho1

    World's most beautiful garages

    ^ some people just have more money than others :(
  18. Tajabaho1

    AMD Phenom II Breaks 7GHz Barrier

    liquid nitrogen ftmfw
  19. Tajabaho1

    Twincharged Goodness

    yea, I hope there will be some insane ones over here in the USA, but hell, this is a bad place to make a bitch crazy car