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    JZA70 R edition Hiro MKIII

    honestly I was going to wait until I do FFIM to change out fuel rail and injectors. for now I'm using the stock one. I did find some 650 high impedance for a good deal and I can find brand new 800 denso's still but I'm maxed for pump gas and my fuel system delivery right now anyways. My goal...
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    JZA70 R edition Hiro MKIII

    The cheapo DM turbo that came with was showing signs of the shaft wanting to seize. It wouldn't spin freely, was looking for boost leak and noticed this. So today I sourced a BorgWarner s362sx-e t4 twin scroll with a .91 ar in a 76mm turbine housing and changed it to v-band to work with my...
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    Anyone nnow what this is???

    wired like a piggyback, my first thought was a rev-limiter but then there would normally be a switch on it. could be anything from FCD, SCD, BCD
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    Whos running ECUMASTER EMU?

    is your fuel pump running at 12V? you have to bypass the resistor in our cars to get full voltage. the ecumasters website has a base map but with bigger injectors you'll need to play around with it. your set up sounds close to mine tbh
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    JZA70 R edition Hiro MKIII

    Well so sad all my pictures are gone... I guess I will update my build thread and drop some sneak peeks! :) Picures with Advan SA3R's coming just in process of painting... Got her on the dyno with some 540cc injectors finally! First red line was before tune, blue line @ 435rwhp made at about 20...
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    Whos running ECUMASTER EMU?

    I just got my car tuned with an ecumaster stand-alone i purchased off driftmotion Innovate wideband Aeromotive 340LPH fuel pump (resistor needs to be removed to get full voltage at pump) GM IAT 2 wire sensor 6x 540CC mr2 red top injectors (almost drop in just the tabs need to ground/cut off...
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    I ordered a set of Ray Brigs, they're bright as hell and best bang for buck IMO
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    1300 Kg Track SUPRA project

    you're the spanish Takumi Fujiwara of the supra community:cool::cool::cool:
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    1300 Kg Track SUPRA project

    you sir have built my dream car, two bikes motors in one car! :drool:
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    JZA70 R edition Hiro MKIII

    *ding ding* we got a winner :P
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    JZA70 R edition Hiro MKIII

    Finally some pictures off my iphone not an outdated camera and not stolen off friends IG with a shitty filter haha
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    JZA70 R edition Hiro MKIII

    I realize I have the worst build thread to follow because my updates are never in order lol but heres the driftmotion 62mm turbo kit I threw on and late pic for guages: I have some 540cc denso injectors to install and need to figure out if I'm ever getting a new driver for my blitz ecu or...
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    factory looking boost gauge

    I have one of these, it's a 46mm hks gauge with the face plate from the factory boost guage hotglued around the gauge face lol, then you have to neatly drill out and make it fit into the factory cluster. Basically find a 46mm oldschool guage and retro fit it, you'll have to steal power from...
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    Somebody please save this shaved supra from impending death!

    yeah a new motor haha it looks like the bodywork was done well. hell it'd be worth sinking a few grand into imo
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    poly subframe bushings kit

    Do you offer these sets in a rigid collar? I'd be interested since your steering rack bushings were nice
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    JZA70 R edition Hiro MKIII

    so freshly after paint last year: after East Bear aero mirrors/Hiro spoiler sourced & paintmatched to finish off kit: Needs sunshade imo & some super advans :( *drool* i will have an update coming in of my 62mm turbo, ditched the twins started burning oil after a year just too much heat...
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    I got a jza70-ttr add me into the group haha

    I got a jza70-ttr add me into the group haha
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    Drewgo Manifold Is Coming Back! Possibly Limited Quantity

    you guys wanting a 7m version should just go look for turbo kit's readily available for the 7m as their is a lot more options being featured on this side of the ocean unlike the 1jz lol
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    Tom's C5 supra

    this is near never seen them before. I think the kit is like a spin off of kaminari lol but i would rock it on a pre 89 haha I have the hiro kit on my tt-r and everyone who sees it in person likes it but my photos on the internet do it not justice.
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    3D Printed Supra Parts

    3d printed arm rests for the doors... mine broke haha but I guess some vinyl glued over would fix it... but being harder would be a plus. complete door inset would be cool vinyl/3d print mix