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    Valve lash caps any buddy use them before on 7mge vavle

    I think you're referring to "shim under bucket" setups. It's been covered many times here. Certain other Toyotas used them for certain years such as the MR2. Search the GTE forum for "shim under bucket".
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    Comprehensive Lighting Modification Thread

    The clock uses a VFD.... I never found a compatible one in any color. Lighting gels to change the color to a degree or a complete replacement clock are the only ways I came up with. Gels dimmed the display too much though so I drafted a circuit for a replacement using LED displays but never...
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    need help!

    I'm making a note in my calendar to check back in four more. Sometimes the drama just can't unfold nearly fast enough... you know?
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    Comprehensive Lighting Modification Thread

    So you won't be coming by for that ultra thin copper clad board? Did you end up etching a board or what? Looks great!
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    Comprehensive Lighting Modification Thread

    Nice work Sparky. ;) They definitely can be hell to deal with. If you just need straight lines some copper tape used in stained glass work that you can get from Michael's or Hobby Lobby works real well. Or you could etch a board Time magazine style style (Google it). Pre-tinning helps when...
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    7MGE Spark Issues

    There's a dedicated stud for them UNDER the intake plenum.
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    how many are in co

    Any local N/A owner want a free set of 6 NGK BCPR5EGP? Gotta come get 'em from me though. S/W Denver, Hamden & Wads area. Send me a PM.
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    Stumped with weird electrical issue, gauge lights and climate control lights.

    To bypass jumper the white wire with green stripe to the white wire with the black stripe... They're two of the three wires running to the dimmer; The third is green, you don't need to do anything with it.
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    Location of Intake Air Temp Sensor wires on 7MGE harness

    I think you're stretching an already all too weak dollar there but yeah, point made. ;)
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    Location of Intake Air Temp Sensor wires on 7MGE harness

    I really hope you didn't lose more than $5 on that thing.
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    7mge BHG

    Cometic is a brand of MLS HG. It does require the same prep as any other MHG; It's just more forgiving if there's texture from the machining than some other types.
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    kill switch help

    I agree, if you want to talk him through it. ;) I was just trying to go with something that was easy enough for him to find and setup which when his bad wiring job failed while driving down the highway the car wouldn't totally die. They say everyone's got something they're good at.... at...
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    kill switch help

    Yo! Alex! How's things bud? Send me an email sometime, I hope you're well. Elisamuel467's car is a swap from A/T so his wiring isn't as it should be is what I'm getting from his last post. Look for the wiring under the center concolse for the NSW... Black wire with white stripe and Black with...
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    kill switch help

    Well, he seems to have it in mind that if he gets us to post enough options it'd take hours for us to figure out which one(s) he actually employed in the car. :naughty: It's brilliant really. :thumbup:
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    Failed MHG install? Now what??

    No, nothing's certain... A leak down test along with a compression test and testing the pH of the coolant would tell you a lot more.
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    kill switch help

    Defroster switch? Easy enough. Use the Violet wire to ground a relay coil. It'll ground when pressed and held or whenever the defroster is on. Keep in mind that the defroster is on a timer so don't use the relay to interrupt power to the fuel pump or ECU or something along those lines or every...
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    AN oil bypass system / catch can

    Too bad it's there to collect blow-by gasses more than anything (water, fuel vapor and air). Why'd you post this in the GE section? This is for a GTE right? The only place you're going to see a full time vacuum aside from pre-turbo piping is the exhaust. It's been done and you may be able to...
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    kill switch help

    LOL! Sadly, the MKIII's no longer mine... But it's not my problem if the new owner didn't make adjustments. ;)
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    kill switch help

    I was just throwing out something unique. I use two reeds to make sure the car is OUT of gear on my MR-2... needed as a safety for the remote start too (which I never connected :P ). On my MKIII Supra I used the headlight washer button. EDIT: Ok, reverse the equation.... Replace the clutch...
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    kill switch help

    You ever get this figured out? Parts and instructions: 1 x reed switch (like they use on doors for house alarm systems, the smaller bullet size will probably work well, if it's not sensitive enough then buy one without a housing and just cover it with heat shrink to protect the glass tube.)...