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  1. Tanya

    Hood pin install (not really a build thread)

    Didn't know where else to put this so I thought here would be a good place. So my bf found these hood pins that I liked, after much research and browsing into other types. I could not stand the look of Aerolatches on our cars (mk2s) and didn't want to get cheapie Autozone ones either...
  2. Tanya

    Do we have at least 12 mk4 owners...

    that have a camera that wasn't made in 1988? I'm taking the reins on the mk3 calendar again this year, and was wondering if we had enough people to do a mk4 calendar as well. For now this is just a feeler thread, as I don't feel like getting BANNED from supraforums for simply asking, nor do I...
  3. Tanya

    Silver spark plugs?

    Hi guys. I am trying to get some info on whether silver spark plugs are a waste of money or not. I am considering buying an MSD ignition box/adapter/coil and would like to be able to get the best spark out of my near-30 year old ignition system as possible. I had been under the impression silver...
  4. Tanya

    37k mile '87 Supra... $2400? Epic typo? anyone interested in emailing.. I am too lazy lol
  5. Tanya

    Falling in love, all over again

    So you never realize how much hp you lose with one particular issue, until you get it all back at once. My car was left to rot for 2 years before I owned it. My gas tank apparently suffered a lot from that, because it killed the stock pump at 188,000 miles... then it killed the Walbro...
  6. Tanya

    Standing Mile event PIX

    Don't know much about the times except one of the mk4s went 202mph and Sean @ Titan's Mk3 went 214mph
  7. Tanya

    Happy Birthday Poodles!

  8. Tanya

    Billy Mays dead @ 50... celebrity spaceship taking off? David Carradine Ed McMahon Farrah Fawcett Michael Jackson Billy Mays Who's next?? :aigo::aigo::aigo:
  9. Tanya

    Lightning (pix & vid)

    Wish I had some better lighting on the car, but I'm pretty happy with the shots I took, considering. :) & a quick video... can't really see the car, but the lightning is awesome.
  10. Tanya

    Dyno comparisons (my $20 dyno day experience)

    1st off; I know I'm not putting down the best hp#s, but this thread isn't about that. I wanted to see how much difference the #s would be between dyno brands since I have read so many conflicting stories. I had a feeling the Mustang dyno was going to show low #s, and I was fine with that. The...
  11. Tanya

    #1 car in 2008,2933,525318,00.html :sarcasm:
  12. Tanya

    2010 MKIII Supra Calendar - ON SALE NOW!

    SALE THREAD: Well it's that time again. I figured I'd start this in June, to give people PLENTY of time to get their submissions in. You can get an idea by reviewing the 2009 calendar here...
  13. Tanya

    Tanya's '85 Supra & 6MGE build (version 2.0)

    Abbreviated Backstory: Got the car in September of 2007 in Gig Harbor, WA for FREE. It had sat for 2 years, unloved, with a dying automatic transmission. Towed the car home, brought it to life with a battery and gas. Reverse gear was totally gone, but I drove the car around for months...
  14. Tanya

    SW Florida local meet every Friday

    Naples, FL For anyone interested, there's a car meet every Friday in the Sweet Bay parking lot on the corner of Airport Rd and Immokolee Rd usually from 9pm -11pm I'll probably be there, or try to be there every week. Definitely gonna be there tonight. Would be nice to see some Supras...
  15. Tanya

    6MGE dyno, gained hp by leaning AFM

    Sorry for the horrible pics, still have a broken worthless camera... So I took Amy up to the dyno shop today. It is a dyno dynamics.I last ran on a dynojet in April 2008, made 155whp and 175ft/lbs We started the day at 152.5whp and 175ft/lbs, pretty much the same #s I saw on the dynojet in...
  16. Tanya

    Cross country roadtrip (SW, Midwest & SE ppl plz read)

    Alright. Well, I really wanted to keep this a secret, but I am already very sketched about this already so I figured I'd try to regain some sanity by posting this now, and getting peoples opinions on my route from Washington state to Florida. Yes, I am driving my mk2 home. I am flying to...
  17. Tanya

    How screwed up is your family?

    I just got to thinking about how odd my family is. With so many marriages, divorces, age differences, etc. My family is a HUGE MESS, so much so I think it's kinda funny. Here: I am 27 My mom is 47 My dad is ?? an old bastard I would guess. Mom never married him and I dont know him at...
  18. Tanya

    alright, who is this? :rofl::momaru::rofl::momaru::rofl::momaru:
  19. Tanya

    March 14th be sure to make it known to all your girlfriends, wives, fuck buddies, etc... especially if they whined their way into you getting them something for V-Day. KAYBYE
  20. Tanya

    Finally got my own domain

    Thanks to NDBoost, he helped me get my domain and host me, so I have been working nearly 13 hours/day the past few days to get my site up and together. It's not completely finished, I still have a lot of work to compile, more pages, more blah blah blah, but there's enough of it up now that I...