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  1. CTsupra

    Something goes wrong at a manufacturing plant in Poland

    This is where they make the light-sabers.
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    Who needs a carfax report? I have four more to use. (Read my comment before you post)

    I will run a carfax report for those who legitimately need it, I.E. you are buying a vehicle within the next few days. Don't make me waste it on you just because you want to check the car out you already own. The first four replies, who are buying a vehicle, will get a report. You can PM the...
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    Project: Holy Grail

    What has CTsupra been up to you ask? Well, besides handing the taliban their ass, I bought this! She needs A LOT of love, but for now I'm enjoying her for the next week until my leave is over and have to head back overseas. Mods: 1992 Original Turbo R154 5spd -Targa Top -Black on Black...
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    ZOMG! Modern Warfare 3!! Too soon? You be the judge. This is definitely the most realistic one yet!
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  6. CTsupra

    Arnold Schwarzenegger and F**k You

    Copy and pasted form another forum. Made me lol! "From the kaliforina Gov's Office: Read the first letters vertically top down...... before snopes calls it an internet lie..... Go quickly before it's gone. The second link contains the message from the Gov!"...
  7. CTsupra

    Democrats.. pro-gun? I was reading this and couldn't believe what I read at the end of it. Read the last four sentences in this article. Anyone have any more info?
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    U.S.,Tenn: We're the police and we serve 80yr.old warrants Any policemen on here? What do you think of this? This man is more than likely DEAD. What are you going to do? Give it to his next of kin and give him a criminal record? Bury it with him so you can say you upheld the law? $30 -...
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    US: Government to spend ANOTHER $1-2 TRILLION dollars on bank bailout. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?!
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    Lol @ peta Sea kittens... holy f'ing shit. *face palm* :rolleyes:
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    Dr. Pepper to make good on it's free soda promise. Go get your free soda!
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    Batman vs. Batman Seriously.. If this shit is upheld in a court of law, I'm going to file suit against anyone younger than I bearing my first name.
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    My supra was hit today.. yup. (PICS)

    Well, I don't even know where to begin other than it wasn't my fault. I'm going to contact my insurance company (state farm) and they will probably total it.
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    Just took my first Krav Maga class yesterday!

    And holy crap ladies and gentlemen, it was a smoker! It was only an hour long class and within the first 10 minutes I was sweating balls like I was in basic training again. I plan on studying this all the way to black belt and beyond. For those who don't know what Krav Maga is, take a look -...
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    Spotted: Red 89'+ new britain/west hartford line

    I seen a good condition red 89'+ with stock sawblades painted black near the west farms mall today about an hour ago. You boosted nicely out of the TD banknorth parking lot following a blue WRX. I was in my supra parked in the lot and you paid me no mind, lol. Are you on here?
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    Part number for jza70 front lip and brake ducts?

    Tried searching to no avail. Any body know the part numbers for these items? Stock jza70 two hole lip and the brake ducts. Thanks. Ken
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    USAA credit card holders - SCAM!

    I was checking my account and noticed a charge from a company named, "The Palacian Solutions." I immediately researched the name and found this: Business Solutions International AKA 609-910-2942 is a fake front company that is...
  18. CTsupra

    Question about burping the coolant system.

    I will be flushing and filling the coolant system later this week. Joy. My question is, when you jack the front end up as high as you can go will the oil pick-up become uncovered? I run seven quarts, so hopefully I will be safe. One reason why I never park on a hill. Ken
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    Man sues god, god replies...

    Can you believe this shit? I can't believe the amount of bullshit our government feeds us. Bah, I'm going to bed. Discuss...
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    Finally, pics of my new mkiii!

    I know some of you guys have been asking me for pics of the new supra that I bought when I returned home from Afghanistan this past april. My digital camera was stolen the last few days before re-deployment back to the states, and I just bought another one. A little background on the supra...