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    My 1970 FJ40 restoration

    Well I have been searching casually for awhile for just the right FJ40 and I finally found one. The history of the vehicle is that a well off guy bought it new and used it around his cabin to get from building to building and misc chores, well he was getting old and really liked the FJ40 so he...
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    funky_monkey58's What if you could start from scratch? Thread

    Well I have often been asked "if you could build a supra all over again what would you do differently?" Well this thread is to explain and show what I would do differently. Pictures will be posted next tuesday once I get my new purchase home, been too busy to go get it sooner, however I do...
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    Went camping this weekend...

    Well I was going to go snow shoeing, however the place I was heading is the opposite direction of where my parents live so I was unable to grab snowshoes from them, and I arrived at the tettegouche office 10 minutes after they closed..... Well I still headed out to the trail I was going to...
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    The new funky_monkey58 build thread sleeper style?

    Well I was banned for awhile for being an idiot, I have since matured a bit and am back with a strong running 7M. The current specs are. 7MGTE ROSS pistons that I had teflon coated Eagle Rods Zero balanced rotating assembly -8AN oil feed line 10MM shim in oil pump .00235"...
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    7M VS ACR Viper

    Video speaks for itself, no excuses from me. The 8.0L V10 is hard to keep up with outside of boost.
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    Callout to FIGGIE lets run em in the spring of 2010

    Well the weather up here in Minnesota land is changing rapidly for the worst. My supra is almost back together after taking out a rod bearing early on this summer. Unfortunately it will be running and snow will be on the ground, so racing is out until spring regardless, as tracks up here are...
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    Some good entertainment on a local forum. Lots of pages but it has potential to get juicy again.
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    Happy Birthday 92nsx!

    Happy birthday man!
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    Chucks supra is up for sale good price or pass the pipe?
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    Some supra owners baby is hit with Luekemia Take 5 and read.

    Back when I was first getting into supras I had an 83 supra. And if it wasn't for all the help Dan offered me I don't know if I would have stayed in the supra game. Both Dan and Stephanie are a couple of the nicest people I have met and very helpful. To help with medical costs there is this...
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    Why I haven't been on much lately bad luck galore.

    Took my supra for its maiden voyage and did not get far. First I forgot to latch the hood all the way. I know stupid mistake and I paid for it so grief is not needed. Doing 75mph and having what happened is enough to learn me real good to double check it. This was at about 2am in the morning...
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    College student prevents rape with gun.
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    leecheaters 2jzgte swapped 87 dyno

    Well some may know and some my not but leecheater on the boards here is my uncle and I have been working on a 2jzgte swap for him for some time now. Well today was the day we finally made it down to dyno with the car fighting us every step of the way. So first we fill it up with E85 and the...
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    Another cop with authority Seriously people when can we band together and take away some of their powers?
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    Man accused of Child porn accuser gets a back fire Attempt to ensnare boyfriend comes back to bite Indiana woman MARCH 18--Meet Michelle Owen. Concerned that an ex-boyfriend had used her laptop to search for child pornography, the Indiana woman asked police to search the computer for illegal...
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    4 teen boys allegedly raped a 13yr old girl Minneapolis

    A 13-year-old Minneapolis girl was gang-raped by four teenage boys this past weekend at a residence in St. Paul's Dayton's Bluff neighborhood, police said Tuesday. The boys -- one 16, two 15 and one 13 -- were charged Tuesday in Ramsey County Juvenile Court. Each faces two charges of...
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    Some pics from the shop tonight.

    Been keeping busy lately. I'm the one with the beard.
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    Trade your gun for a rose

    What a crock of shit.
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    Paying shop rent

    Well I have to pay my shop rent tomorrow and what better way than good old solid cash. LOL LMAO
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    Interest in solid motor mounts pre 89 7mgte

    Hey guys I am making myself some solid motor mounts for my 87 7mgte. Just curious if anyone would be interested in a set also. They will be about $100 shipped. And powder coated black. Lead time from today will be about 2 weeks. Thanks, -Sean