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    I have twins

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    Mustang TB

    Anybody used a 4.6 twin TB. If so any problems, TPS, linkage, etc?
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    Loose caboose

    Hey guys and gals. I have noticed a problem in turns mostly with the rear end being loose. This problem came about when I had a rear tire go flat and the wife drove it not knowing, ruined the tire of course. When I had 2 new ones put on, noticed the stablizer link was disconnected, fixed...
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    Wrong plugs?

    After replacing my shattered oil pump drive gear, timing belt, and decided to replace my plugs since I've had them sitting here for 10 months, I have noticed my valves clicking at idle only. What I am wondering is if they gave me the wrong plugs, I have a GE and the plugs I got I had to...
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    Oil pump drive gear

    Anybody had this happen before??? The gear seems to have shattered. Nothing else looks to be damaged, and can't see anything else in the case that could have wedged into the gear to make it let loose like this. Any ideas??
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    MK III on Dr. Phil?

    Just happened to catch a glance of a kid street racing with a MK III. Anybody else catch it? One of our members maybe??
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    Anybody else having problems getting it on line?
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    $10 per gallon

    All of this has been in the works since the 60's. Google Gull Island. Our government had the oil companies drill for oil on Gull Island, they found a very large supply, probably the biggest ever. They had the oil company cap these wells and keep it under wraps. They say it pumps out on it's...
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    Tuner pro

    Finally got a laptop to hook up to my Maft-Pro and downloaded, I think, the files. Now the TP program says not connected to hardware? I'm a little computer challendged, probably spelling also, but I guess it is saying it isn't reconizing the M-P being hooked up? I have a adapter from seriel to...
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    Lean spike free-reving

    I just noticed a lean spike free-reving to around 4k rpm. Around 16AFR. Under normal driving AFR's are normal around that RPM. Maft-Pro SD/ LM-1 O-2. Is there some other adjustment I'm missing?
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    Camshaft bearings

    I have a spare head that has some damage to the camshaft bearing surfaces. Has anybody tried to maybe open those cradles and caps up enough to put a replaceable bearing in those areas?
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    Magnesum oil pans.

    I see some of you guys have these. I can't find were you got them or what you paid for them? Also any clearance problems, and by how much did it increase capacity?
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    Rear deck vibrates.

    I'm sure somebody else has had this problem. With louder exhaust, my rear deck lid , maybe from age, has started to vibrate and rattle. Is there an adjustment to pull it down a little tighter or something else I can do? :aigo: Thanks
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    How to figure Displacement

    Does anybody know how to figure displacement? I know stock 7m is 2954cc. I've got +6.5mm overstock on the stroke which I think stock is 91mm plus, .060 over pistons. The place that I got the stroker kit from said +665cc with stroked crank and .060 bore. 3619cc? Any online formula just does't...
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    Hello from Tenn.

    Hi guys. I sure wish I found this site about 3 yrs. and a few thousand dollars ago. I have a 88 NA that I bought new in 88. Up untill 3 yrs ago it was stock with 132,000mi. Then came the fun part. New supension,then a stupid mistake in replacing a timming belt has caused me to do a complete...