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  1. Jeff Lange

    Petition for Manual Transmission

    It may mean nothing, it may do nothing, but if you plan on buying the Supra, or even if you just want to see more manual transmissions still being made...
  2. Jeff Lange

    Some Production-Car Details Emerge: Turbo Straight Six, Maybe Manual Transmission?

    Toyota Supra gets turbocharged inline-six, no manual transmission Look for a low center-of-gravity and a 50:50 weight distribution. The 2018 Geneva Motor Show finally brought us the long awaited return of the Toyota Supra, sort of. Initials details are scarce, but a roundtable with...
  3. Jeff Lange

    Toyota GR Supra Racing Concept Unveiled in Geneva!

    2018 Geneva Motor Show: Toyota GR Supra Racing Concept The Toyota GR Supra Racing Concept has made its world debut at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, reviving the name and spirit of the most celebrated model in Toyota’s illustrious sportscar heritage and demonstrates Toyota’s commitment to bring...
  4. Jeff Lange

    Latest Spy Shots - Cladding Removed

    See these shots posted in the last day or so. Very similar to what has been seen in magazines recently. Jeff
  5. Jeff Lange

    The Legend Returns! March 6, 2018

    At the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, a modern racing concept signals Toyota’s commitment to bring back to the market its most iconic sports car. Get the full scoop on March 6th at 3:45 a.m. (EST) Jeff
  6. Jeff Lange

    Favourite Cereal?

    Everyone seems to have some ideas about this and it can change from time to time. For me, right now, Cinnamon Toast Crunch is the top of the pile, even above Lucky Charms. Your thoughts? Jeff
  7. Jeff Lange

    Dedicated MKI and MKII Supra Forum:

    If you are looking for answers quickly, you may want to consider checking out They are an active forum dedicated to the Celica XX and Supra prior to the MKIII. Jeff
  8. Jeff Lange

    Source for Parallel Flow A/C Condenser?

    Does anyone know of any sources for these anymore now that American Condenser/Vista Pro are gone (doesn't seem like United Systems is doing much with their back-catalog and nobody lists the 1039293 in stock any longer)? I can obviously still get a Denso 477-0136 or 477-0145, but I'm quite sure...
  9. Jeff Lange

    IS250 to IS350 6MT Build

    After years of waiting and researching, I feel like everything is right for me to start this project and I'm pretty excited to say the least! Car started as a 2011 IS250 6MT and over the years I have done a lot of changes to the car, including suspension, LSD, a few computers and exterior...
  10. Jeff Lange

    Supra Road-Trip 2015: America's Best Roads?

    Did this trip last month and thought some of you guys might like to read about it. :) In May of 2013, Stanzaspeed and I embarked on an exciting road trip in his 1991 JZA70 Twin Turbo R. It was the first time in the 7 years he'd owned the car that he actually took it on an extended trip and...
  11. Jeff Lange

    Anyone in Las Vegas have a 1JZ ECU?

    Need an ECU pronto. In Las Vegas until Friday. Needs to be from a JZA70. Preferably an M/T ECU. Could also potentially use an igniter. Let me know ASAP if you have one, thanks! Jeff
  12. Jeff Lange

    1JZ-GTE A/C Idle-Up

    Just looking to know what the functionality is supposed to be like on the 1JZ-GTE A/C idle-up, the car idles up fine, but it seems like it might be idling up too much. Typical idle speed is about 650rpm on the car, and when the compressor cycles it will jump up to about 1500rpm, and then...
  13. Jeff Lange

    Coolant Reservoir with Large FMIC (Different / Relocate)

    What are you guys using when you install your FMIC, are you just relocating it, or is there a reservoir from another car that fits well above the FMIC? I'm trying to find something that will fit/work well in a JZA70. I'll probably try to fit something from some other car, but I figured if...
  14. Jeff Lange

    Sway Bar End Link Differences

    How different are the front and rear end links? Does anyone know length differences and/or nut/shaft size differences? Can you use front end links on the rear? Not my usual type of question, but I know some people have made/sell other links, just looking for some specifics on the differences...
  15. Jeff Lange

    1986 AE86 Corolla GT-S Supercharged

    Well, as an active member of a Supra community while not actually owning a Supra personally (nor have I ever, technically, as all of the Supras I am intimate with are either joint projects (like the one with my Dad), or owned by other people (like my brother's JZA80 and John's (Stanzaspeed)...
  16. Jeff Lange

    Installing a new windshield in my IS250

    Not sure if I should put this in the other car forums or not, since it's not really about another car, just about doing something yourself. Off-Topic it is! Over the past years I have become more and more disillusioned with glass installers. I've seen car after car get windshield after...
  17. Jeff Lange

    New source of Torsen T2 LSD's

    I know some people have used the IS300 Torsen T2 in their MA70, and I just thought I'd share that there will likely be a more plentiful and potentially more common (though expensive at first probably) source for them in the new Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ. Both of these are going to be equipped...
  18. Jeff Lange

    Built a smoker this weekend...

    Just wanted to share the smoker that my brother built for my roommate and I this past weekend. I haven't cooked anything on it yet, but I hope to in the next few weeks. It's all very exciting! MEAT! Jeff
  19. Jeff Lange

    Article: Speedometer Adjustment Calibration: How To

    You can view the page at
  20. Jeff Lange

    Where is your favourite place to eat?

    I will be embarking on a 12,000km road trip in July across the USA, ultimately to eat delicious authentic southern BBQ, so I will be stopping for several days in both Kansas City and Memphis, along with a slew of other places as well, including New Orleans, Las Vegas, etc. The main goal is to...