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  1. suprahero

    Figgie's build: Project Rodknox

    Are you keeping the speakers in the back once you get all the bugs fixed? I love riding with my targa out, but you don't have any targa holders and I'm not sure it'll fit behind your seats. Just curious as to what you are going to do. I take my top out and put my weezl wings in. I don't drive...
  2. suprahero

    Nguoi phu nu may man trung thuong xo so nho to ve so duoc tang

    Welcome to Supramania. I too love to listen to rap music in my free time.
  3. suprahero

    Dealer Video of a 1992 Teal MK3 with 12k Miles

    I got ripped off. My 154 only has five gears unless he's counting reverse...…
  4. suprahero

    The Kamikaizen Great Unpoochening

    Great thread and nice pic Chris. ^
  5. suprahero

    3D Printing Parts

    You need to make some small door vents that are on top of the door panels. Those things break when you try to remove them and they're hard to find not cracked.
  6. suprahero

    500-600 HP 2jzgte vvti build/set-up?

    91 octane? I'm not saying it can't be done, but I don't see it lasting very long. I ran 93octane with methanol injection at 600 rwhp for over three years with no problem. I've never ran any turbo'd car on 91 octane. Someone will chime in and tell you if it's possible or not, but I'd be...
  7. suprahero

    Just a few pictures of the car

    I took four pictures of the car today while I was out driving around. It hasn't been washed in a week but it wasn't too dirty, just a little dusty. I haven't started putting it back together yet, I'm doing that this weekend. I've got new side markers that are smoked to replace the clear ones...
  8. suprahero

    How to decrease boost

    I just came in here because I thought it was spam or a robot. Who wants to lower boost? I want all the boost...…
  9. suprahero

    10 years - 92 rebuild 2jzgte vvti

    Come on man, get off your ass and get that thing on the road. You won't regret it. You're going to be soo mad at yourself for waiting this long once you get in it and start driving it around. Keep up with the updates, but not every four years., Jay
  10. suprahero

    The Long Winter - a Supra short film

    Awesome video!!! Thanks for sharing.
  11. suprahero

    I keep going back in time! Finally found a mkiii--meet crimson tide

    Looking just as awesome as we would expect it to Ken. Great job so far.
  12. suprahero

    1JZ Misfiring Issues - Tried Everything

    If you aren't running high boost, I'd regap the plugs back to .025. Hopefully the cam sensor fixed the problem. I was thinking it was definitely in your coolant temp sensor. Good luck.
  13. suprahero

    Figgie's build: Project Rodknox

    I'm glad most of my issues are now only cosmetic. I still have a few minor electrical issues to fix like a dome light and redoing instrument cluster lights, but all that seems miniscule compared to what you've got going on. Good luck with the rest of the build.
  14. suprahero

    What other Cars do you own thread

    That's it. My insurance is 7xx.00 a month
  15. suprahero

    What other Cars do you own thread

    Welll 3 years later I own a 2017 F150, 2015 Lincoln MKZ, 2014 Ford Fusion, 2016 Mustang convertible, 2008 Ford Explorer, 2008 Range Rover, 1991 Toyota supra and that's it.
  16. suprahero

    First test drive of the fresh rebuild is going down tomorrow...I have some issues and questions! This is like a few have stated already. It's how I broke my engine in and I don't have any smoke issues or any other issues for that matter.
  17. suprahero

    Going to the dyno tomorrow.

    Yes, that looks just like the place that blew my car up two years ago. They had a silver gtr in the showroom when I was there.
  18. suprahero

    Going to the dyno tomorrow.

    I can't say for sure Jeff, but the front of that building looks like the place I took my car to that blew it up. The guy that does the machining is probably different than the guy that does the tuning but the guy that tuned my car is an idiot. I know a guy I trust to do the machining here...
  19. suprahero

    Wheel Fitment & Question Thread

    Kwnate sent me a picture of his and his specs. His are 10.5 with a +22 offset. He has 1.5 camber he said. It's too late for me to change my order so I'm going to have to do what I can with these. I'll make sure and post up some pictures for everyone else to see once I get them. Thanks.
  20. suprahero

    Wheel Fitment & Question Thread

    So, I should call ccw and see if I can change my rear wheel to a 10"? I don't really want it sticking out an inch past the fender.