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    LSD oil

    Thank you for the response. I am not actually looking for anything more than an OEM equivalent replacement fluid. I am actually choosing between this Kendall Limited Slip and Castrol Limited Slip. I may just go which ever of these two is available at the store.
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    LSD oil

    I know it has been discussed a lot of times in the forums. I just need inputs to a specific brand if its Ok to use. I have a 1991 supra turbo R154. I am am thinking about using this kendall LSD fluid as seen attached...
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    91-92 5 spoke wheel center caps

    Does anyone know if the MKIV TT wheels center caps interchangeable to 91-92 5 spoke supra wheels? Trying to look for it on ebay, but I keep finding aftermarket for MKIV wheel caps. Thanks
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    30 mpg

    I get 25 mpg (80% highway, 20% city) on my 1991 Turbo R154... Stock and running on 87 octane...
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    Driftmotion PS steering hose

    Good to know... 10 years is a long time.... I did something similar. I did cut the the rubber hoses of the oem lines and left the hard lines then I used it to clamp the new lines
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    Driftmotion PS steering hose

    It does gives a better feel on driving. It feels like your car is more connected to the ground for some reason. Also, the time it took to bleed the system was shorter. After start up, it only took me 2 full turns on both sides.
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    Narrow Body vs Wide Body MKIII supra

    cool, its nice to know this things. Thank you for all the response.
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    Narrow Body vs Wide Body MKIII supra

    I know this may sound strange (at least for some), but I just learned about body options for MKIII supras. I was trying ask some parts from JP-carparts from Japan. They sent a replay asking me if my supra is a widebody or a narrow body. Apparenetly, MKIII supras in Japan came with either a...
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    Driftmotion PS steering hose

    Installation complete... Pics taken while engine running... so far no leaks... I should have done this a long time ago... removing old line took me forever lol...
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    12K Mile Mint 1992 Teal Turbo Supra

    that 1986.5 has a very nice color.
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    Back again

    How much was the buy? Thanks
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    7mgte Valves

    I agree with suprarx7nut. Unless you have a friend that can show you how to do it right, then go for it. It is usually a gamble if you are not sure if you are not sure what you're doing. It usually ended up costing more in the end. When my exhaust manifold was loose and leaking, there was a...
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    Hi, everyone!

    Welcome... Any pictures of your ride?
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    Euro turn signals This is the one he is looking for...
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    1988 Value This 1990 turbo supra 25K miles is selling for $21,000. How much was your 1988 when you bought it?
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    1988 Value

    How much did you buy the car for?
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    Thank you for everyones input... Driftmotion it is...
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    Driftmotion PS steering hose

    Thank you for everyones input... Driftmotion it is...
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    Driftmotion PS steering hose

    Does it feel the same? Some says they lost PS steering at stop/slow speeds. If its normal feel as OEM, I will go driftmotion then... Thank you in advance.
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    Cool. If you have time, can you take a picture on how you routed your SS lines from driftmotion? Thank you.