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  1. Nick M

    You should not be surprised at the extreme corruption of the left

    I told you so. They are not mistaken and wrong. They know they are wrong. I am glad Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh finally acknowledge this fact. I didn't consider they take additional flanking maneuvers besides hijacking academics. It does make sense. They don't believe in the private sector...
  2. Nick M

    Supreme Court rules dead people in Ohio cannot vote

    Click here Voter roles are one of the many ways the political left cheats. I say the left because many Re-publicans are politically left. In the 5-4 decision in a closely watched voting rights case in which all four liberal justices dissented, the high court overturned a lower court's ruling...
  3. Nick M

    Cold temps demonstrated on conventional oil

    This youtube video....just turn down the volume, lest you be inundated with nonsense. No surprise to see the video host surprised that it didn't go how they thought. Unless Mobil sponsored the video. The biggest "retard" comment is "Wal Mart oil". Wal Mart does not refine oil. Their self branded...
  4. Nick M

    My "I told you so" thread

    Dope smoking fools, the left is not on your side. Honolulu said medical marijuana users are to turn in their firearms, or they will come and get them. I told you who your ally is, and you fools didn't want to listen. And put the weed down, it is more dangerous than Marlboros but I will leave...
  5. Nick M

    Information Suppression

    It goes deep, and the left will stop at nothing to destroy this country, as you know it. It isn't just man made global warming. They were caught in 2009 when their email's were hacked. It was already known to be bad science, and that showed it wasn't bad science, but a hoax. Yet they persist...
  6. Nick M

    The fake repeal votes of the RNC for Obamacare

    Don't forget, they pretended to be opposed in a straight party line vote. And they voted to repeal, not repeal and replace literally dozens of times knowing Obama would veto it. Now, they have a President that will actually sign a bill removing income redistribution from the books and they will...
  7. Nick M

    As the US delves deeper into the abyss, don't feed from the trough of delusion

    American's are getting dumber. You should have known all of this with PJW. These people are real. The interviews.
  8. Nick M

    2 shot burst AR15

    A couple of decades ago the word was a 2 shot burst would replace the 3 shot burst with an A4 rifle. It never came about, getting it to work right just didn't happen. And now it did. One working version is called the Echo Trigger from Fostech. It is pricey, but far less than a class 3...
  9. Nick M

    Toyota left California for Texas

    This started in 2014, in case you missed it. You don't really need to be told why. And you don't need to know why they picked Texas, and Nissan did the same in Tennessee. All of those decades, and all California wanted to do was piss all over every body. Good move.
  10. Nick M

    Transgender bathrooms

    Seems like this section is especially slow. I'll just post a few hate filled videos to get it moving.
  11. Nick M

    Most published research is wrong

    Now, the host is not getting at political stuff, but that is where most of the made up shit is. Man made global warming is on the first page of discussion.
  12. Nick M

    Why do all the dumbasses at Wal Mart talk the most?

    Seriously. Do I just beat the odds in the people that cross my path and want to talk about my car? Congratulations, St Peters Jungerman Wal-Mart. You hired at least one millennial buffoon. Remember the movie "Step Brothers" with Will Ferrel and John Reilley? Dale Doback says a bunch of stuff to...
  13. Nick M

    Missouri has passed constitutional carry

    Missouri has passed constitutional carry. The last time something this important came along, the governor vetoed, and the legislature overrode his veto. Making somebody take a class and get a permit is infringing on your right to carry. Of course I think you should take the classes on your own...
  14. Nick M

    The technician shortage is getting worse

    I was looking at the Lexus dealer I worked at last summer. They are down to 6 techs and there might be 40 bays. I didn't count. Standard stuff, 20 on each side. I was there 2 months and 7 quit before me. So, ignore the ads you see for Wyotech and UTI, unless you really are interested. And then...
  15. Nick M

    Supreme Court Justice Antonin has passed.

    Hold on to your ass.
  16. Nick M

    TV show Tech Garage

    Be sure to ignore large portions of their "tech". As if there isn't enough problems in the automotive world, how in the hell is he an instructor of the year? 14.7:1 is not a description of volumetric efficiency, nor is it a desirable air to fuel ratio by weight of a supercharged engine. Good...
  17. Nick M

    All the gun control laws in the world won't stop the muslims....Paris, your time is u

    Current body count, excluding wounded is a at 60. If you are unaware, flip on the news. Multiple political hits on this one.
  18. Nick M

    Obama to attempt to silence gun blogs by way of ITAR

    Of course the idiots in Ohio that keep electing his ally liberal re-publican John Boehner are as much to blame as to why he is not yet impeached and removed to jail over his many high crimes. ITAR is the weapons side of exporting commerce and requires State Department approval. Click here.
  19. Nick M

    The FCC approved curbing free speech on the internet

    It isn't like you didn't know it isn't coming. Net neutrality is here. Holder is going to call liberty "hate speech".
  20. Nick M

    The sheople...this would be hillarious if not so scary

    Let's repeal the Bill of Rights. The best part is, that is what Islam wants anyway. At times I think this can't be real.