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  1. bigaaron

    Am I the only one who thinks that electric fans are a downgrade?

    I have seen burned fan relays, melted wiring jobs, seized up fan motors, fans with no thermostatic switch or speed control, engines that overheat because the electric fans don't pull enough air, and a bunch of other problems..... A good old clutch fan will keep your engine cool while...
  2. bigaaron

    Supras In Vegas 2010!!!, that's going to be the website for the event. It will take a few days to get the site up and running and to iron out the details. It looks like it will happen on the weekend of Oct 2nd. I want to drive my Supra in Vegas with a bunch of other people once a year, and I hope you...
  3. bigaaron

    Don't let this happen to you!

    We had a car come in for a 1jz swap, and look what we found after we noticed the gas smelled all nasty!!! :aigo: Drain your tank if you are going to let your car sit for a long time!
  4. bigaaron

    My Suzuki Sidekick has 1JZ 1" lift pistons!

    New pics of my Sidekick rock crawling on the Rubicon! I bet you read the title and thought I was smoking crack, but it's totally true! (that I have lift pistons, not that I smoke crack LOL) And those 1JZ lift pistons helped me ramp a 1154 RTI score at the High Desert Roundup '09 yesterday! I...
  5. bigaaron

    Driftmotion moving to new shop, garage sale parts super cheap!

    Driftmotion is moving to new shop at the end of the month, so we're having a garage sale! We have LOTS of stuff. Everything from a complete running 7m engine with turbo and harness, to cylinder heads and cranks and flywheels and all sorts of other stuff. I need you to come by the shop...
  6. bigaaron

    Cool junk yard finds! Seatbelts for aftermarket seats

    I put in some Sparco Torino II seats and realized that I really hate the way the stock seatbelt receptacle mounts to the seat more then the floor. So I looked around and saw that all the 80's Toyotas used the same size seatbelt latch. I found the 1982 Celica seatbelts mount to the floor on a...
  7. bigaaron

    OMG!!! 300+ TX2k8 PICS!!!

    Man this was a fun trip! Everybody was so cool and I met a bunch of great people from the forum! I stayed with Suprahero and Da89soup, they were nice enough to offer me the couch in their room for free because they felt bad that I had to pay $800 for airfare! I had a rum and coke courtesy of...
  8. bigaaron

    We got love for you GE's too!

    I know this is not the for sale section, but I wanted to show a new item we are making for W58 transmissions, it's the SS clutch line. NA owners deserve to have good clutch feel just like the turbo guys!
  9. bigaaron

    Corolla Krylon Edition

    Almost every part of the whole car was spray painted white!
  10. bigaaron

    Pick my new logo!

    We narrowed it down to these, but after staring at them for hours it's hard to tell which one I like most. Which font and which logo would be your choice?
  11. bigaaron

    My cat got pwned :(

    Cost me $400 :cry: He's ok, the drain tube comes out tomorrow. If I see that other cat again I think I am going to kill it.
  12. bigaaron

    New 7m fuel dampener bypass hose

    It will improve fuel flow for people making increased horsepower using a Walbro or MK4 fuel pump at higher fuel pressures then stock. The teflon lined ss hose will last for many years. Replaces all this! Eliminates 3 banjo fittings, and goes straight from the fuel hardline under...
  13. bigaaron

    I'm at the Police concert, with Foo Fighters opening!!!

    Roxane bought the tickets yesterday, Dodger stadium, field level, 5th row back! My favorite 90's band with my favorite 80's band!
  14. bigaaron

    Octane boost for ricers!

  15. bigaaron

    Better placement for the 7m oil dipstick

    We were pulling a 7m engine out of a mk3 to do a 1jz swap yesterday, and thinking of some better places to have an oil dipstick then in the block. When we removed the engine oil plug, about 1 quart came out. Where did the rest of the oil go? When we removed the lower ic pipe, about 1.5...
  16. bigaaron

    XTD Clutch scam!

    Please skip ahead to post #163 for updated information. We are having clutches made for us by Action Clutch. They make us an upgraded pressure plate that is 40% heavier spring pressure then stock. Recently, someone brought to my attention the they could buy the "same thing" on Ebay for over...
  17. bigaaron

    External oil pressure regulator?

    I was talking about 7m oil pumps and oil pressure yesterday with Andy, we both think the oiling system on the 7m could be improved. We were throwing ideas around and talking about how shimming the oil pump seems to give different results on different engines. I thought maybe an external...
  18. bigaaron

    Drunk driving (in Alabama LOL)
  19. bigaaron

    LOL, that's not you, it's me. The first 5 pics Jose and I took, but the one that I really noticed was the first pic, he says it is of him installing his forged pistons, when in fact that pic is me installing my forged pistons. :biglaugh: The pic of the crank and the bearings was...
  20. bigaaron

    Name this turbo

    I heard it might be a Supra Sport turbo, but it has no markings other then it looks like it says .60ar on the compressor housing and it has 5152E enscribed on the compressor outlet. It has the CT26 flange inlet and outlet. It looks brand new because I just had it rebuilt.