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  1. SupraMario

    Where did everyone go?

    I haven't been around in a long ass time, but shit...this site seems dead :( Where is everyone? Did the supra game kinda die? or did the forums just kinda end because of social media sites? I miss the good ol' days of SM.
  2. SupraMario

    Time for a riddle - 2001 IS300 - APPS - MAF - CATS!

    Back story, rebuilt motor at 149k, ran fine for around 8k miles, had issues with car around the 8k mark that pulled up CEL clogged cats. Car did the 25% power just hard pedal, no response etc. Replaced cats, then car after 15ish miles would do the same thing, different code. P1121 (APPS)...
  3. SupraMario

    Hello my fellow homegrown terrorist Dear Mr. Holder....Go Fuck Yourself.
  4. SupraMario

    2 duds with Federal Hydroshok .45

    So after around 6 months I normally burn though the 17 rounds I carry at the range and swap them out. Well I have just started carrying Hydroshok and I'm a fan of federal, but WTF, first 2 rounds end up being duds. This is out of a RIA 1911, firing pin hit them just fine...seriously shocked...
  5. SupraMario

    Let's talk: CryptoCurrencies

    Just wondering how many people hear, have been following Bitcoin(BTC) since 2010? OR new Scrypt Coins, like LiteCoin(LTC), Feathercoin(FTC), NameCoin(NMC), and the hilarious forum coin DOGE!(TO THE MOON)? Just wondering how many people here mine or even own coins, BTC or Alt Coins? Since...
  6. SupraMario

    870 Elite Tactical

    So I've been looking for a shotgun for a while, and I just have never liked the way they feel with full stocks or even the tactical stocks....I hate that slope. I think I have found the answer to that though, and I'm probably going to be building one of these: Finally a non-slopped stock, yea...
  7. SupraMario

    IS300 Stock Rebuild, Can I use this block? Pictures of scoring inside. I have had the block dipped and cleaned and checked, machine shop said it's fine, I am second guessing myself on this one.... It's not going to see boost as I will be rebuilding it to factory specs and DDing the car.
  8. SupraMario

    SKS...LETS DOOO IT SM! Help me Tacticool the hell out of this thing...

    Why? CAUSE I FUCKING SAID SO.... Yea... I wanna see some stocks first....the rarer and more obsurd they are the better....lets do it!
  9. SupraMario

    So looking for some Glass

    Made a trip out to my folks land and put around 80ish rounds through the LAR.308, shoots like a dream...but I've realized the 4x16X50 scope I have is for...well maybe 100 yards I'm looking for some decent Glass that would allow me to take it out to 150+ yards and still be useful. So...
  10. SupraMario

    Any AR-10 owners here? I'm looking for one, Stuck between Armalite and

    $1500 is my budget right now, if I knew how to build one I would, but I honestly don't trust myself to buy the right parts since the AR-10 line is all kinds of different parts that don't work together, most of which seem brand specific. So SM gun gurus lend me a hand!
  11. SupraMario

    Stock Temp Gauge Jumping Around after 3k RPMs

    Ok, So I've got a 1987 2jzgte swapped, the motor swap has probably 60k miles on it. The Stock Temp gauge will jump from less than 1/2 (where it always was) to a little above 1/2 and it's not a slow climb, it's a sudden jump and then back down. Only when I'm going up a hill or above 3k RPM in...
  12. SupraMario

    Audio of a teacher telling her students that it is illegal to criticize the President! This teacher needs to be fired....
  13. SupraMario

    Loosest Aussie bloke ever: Even looser. LOL, IAN!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. SupraMario

    2jzgte 1987 Mark III CEL After 3k RPM

    CEL comes on after 3k RPM and goes off after you drive for like 3-4 mins under 3k RPM. Turning the car off and starting it again achives the same result. I've looked into this and all I can find is that the car should go into limp mode because of the ECU thinking it's an automatic that's in...
  15. SupraMario

    Who would the world elect from 2008...I bet it's a bigger number now. Ron Paul...destroying the opposition.
  16. SupraMario

    Progressives and the Ron Paul fallacies Excellent read. He nails this one perfectly...
  17. SupraMario

    SOPA and PIPA Anyone been watching the live coverage?

    These people make me sick... Pass the NDAA and now they are headed to pass SOPA...Fuck this country. I know most of you probably think this doesn't matter, but this bill would hold sites like SupraMania responsible for user content. AKA if something gets posted...
  18. SupraMario

    Thoughts? 'Richard Wilkinson: How economic inequality harms societies'
  19. SupraMario

    My Mosin Adventures

    I figured I would start a thread about the Mosin Nagant, and be able to help anyone else that picks one up and wants to modify it. So to start it off, I purchased 2 of these from my local B&M store for $105 each. (yes you can get them online for $80, but I like to support my local business's...
  20. SupraMario

    Guy on a buffalo

    This needed it's own thread: