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  1. winsauce

    when you just cant roll/ pull your fenders any wider, what are your options?

    so im running 315/35/17's in the rear, getting the tires mounted this week on 03 cobra svt rims Back Spacing: 6.02" (153mm) Offset: +26mm (1.02"). rims had 275's when i got them, looked mean but i wanted more rubber back there. just eyeballing everything im gonna need to run a spacer to move...
  2. winsauce

    Boost Mobile phone service personal experence?

    Long time Verizon customer, had a family plan I split with my parrents but now that ive turned 22 its time to cut the last srtring. I txt a fair ammount, probably use less than 300min a month but i dont want to get into a contract on any kind. Boost has this $50 unlimited plan plus every 6...
  3. winsauce

    skydiving thread?

    whos done it? how many times? of more than once, why? what was it like? im wanting to have my first jump next month, something new... i imagine it feels like standing up out of the targa roof on the highway in 5th gear. I'd love to hear any feedback yall may have from skydiving...
  4. winsauce

    password security nifty password security test... donno if its accurate or not, but it says mine would take 9 years to crack so im pretty thrilled
  5. winsauce

    wonder what a supra would sound like?

    stop what your doing for about 2min watch this <- clickey
  6. winsauce

    what exactly can i expect out of 288/282 cam regrinds?

    in attempts of broadening my automotive understanding ive made a new addition to my mod list. yet again raped the wallet like its my prison bitch and dug the rabbit hole just that much deeper. truth is, i dont know much about cams and i want to change that. i want to know what these cams will...
  7. winsauce

    Turbo blanket/ heatshield question...

    looking to replace the factory heatsheild with something that will better insulate the engine form radiant heat on the exhaust side of the engine. my bic dp is already wraped with header tape and soaked with 2000* VHT ceramic paint. looking at and found this blanket and also this on...
  8. winsauce

    linux thread???

    new linux user here... working with the 10.10 Ubuntu version. anyone else out there using this os? any tips? last week i was fooling around with the aem install disk written for pc. made my day to get it to run on linux through a program i found called "wine" basicly allows you to run...
  9. winsauce

    knee job anyone?

    most random illustration ive seen in some time now click
  10. winsauce

    just a quick pull on bald tires
  11. winsauce

    new exhaust, old tires... fun playin around, just installed my new beech performance ss 3in exhaust and decided to hate on the sawblades abit... enjoy
  12. winsauce

    Who Doesnt Need New Tires?

    Not shure where this thread should go, so mods dont flame me.... Is there a "tire thread"? and specificaly a "rating of tires thread" I have 03-04 cobra rims 17x9 basicly im looking to run a 275/40/17 rear and 255/40/17 front 4 options BF Goodrich G-force TA KDW Goodyear Eagle F1...
  13. winsauce

    Pass the Winsauce, please

    Pass the Winsauce, please with moar pics Finally I have some time and money to put toward my project. Going with option C for now, say a prayer for my 7M gonna need all the help it can get I have too much wrapped up in my 87 MK3, owned it since may of 09 My goal was to grow with...