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    Happy Birthday Serena!!!!!

    Happy bday baby girl!! I love you!
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    Happy B-Day Zumtizzle!

    yay its your brithday! yay, now build the 7M yay!
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    Not happy at all

    Someone broke into my car and took all my CDs my tools my radio and whatever else I haven't looked for.. I parked it at my moms and this shit.. If I was a different person I'd fuck people up. I'm sick of this shit.. No one tell me to call the cops either ok.. They don't give a fuck out here.
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    what's an alcoholic??

    I'm curious in other opinions, beside my own bs... What do you think a alcoholic is???
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    needing to let things out *even if it dont make sense*

    for as long as I can remember my life has been rough, from coming up in some really bad neighborhoods to doing not so nice things to survive and eat. I havent lived the most painful life but I've seen enough to know I've seen some serious shit that most people wouldn't live to imagine. last...
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    im just bitching

    but really now its been over a week and i still cant sleep for shit.... only 3-4 hrs a night... i cant sleep and its pissing me off cause i know its nowhere near healthy. i got stress but like this??? eh im just acting like a bitch i guess. need to buy some midol!
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    pc bluetooth to my razr issue

    so in my boredom I went to try and upload all the vid and pics off my phone thats been stuck on there for months. but due to my abuse of the phone, water, oil, throwing it, sitting on it, etc. the usb link isn't too stable and cuts always during mid transfer. my laptop has bluetooth wifi all...
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    so I went off the deep end

    got drunk last night on the way back from tahoe ran from the chp and wrecked my car into the trees doing almost 100. pics later. so need a new DD. they got me on two gun charges and DUI.. I'm fucked.
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    funny dumbass moment

    so got everlast blasting, reading Speed's build thread so outta nowhere I gotta use the crapper not even thinking twice I go to plant my ass and outta the corner of my eye I see the seat isn't down, so evasive maneuvers to avoid landing my ass in the toilet and I managed to clear it... seat down...
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    few issues with my mk3

    so week or so back I dusted off my supra to take to Grimstas shop bbq. got half way there and started noticing some problems. 1. front end wobble 2. park brake got stuck and from what I can guess since I haven't inspected it yet the PB shoes are toast. or the linkage got crudded up since...
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    what do you guys know about longshormen?

    pretty much I'm scraping thin and I'm getting desperate, heard its like suicide but pays good after a while. on a back story I been a diesel mechanic for 2 years and trying to get back into cars, a dealership or something that has a future to it. but no body sees diesels the same as cars. In...
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    F@$K win vista

    so since me and my girl moved into a spot we only been using my laptop, well she has a cool gateway desktop we go to use it and it locked us out, password had a shit fit when we went to change it due to dickhead roomies she had. so I reinstall vista last night and just 20 min ago it said some...
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    just had another oh fuck moment

    so as some of you know I work on buses, my company contracts with amtrak california to transport passengers with a my shop, 2nd shop to the company. well just got a phone call saying fleet number 605 one of mine just went head on with a huge car accident and totalled out with many injured...
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    my bitch and rant for the day

    please excuse me if I make myself un-clear but last night I purchased a book for repairs on harley davidson shovelheads. since its my bike that I'm slowing building. $30 bucks no big deal. ordered it last night. check my almost broke bank account today to see decided I need this...
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    some random stuff I found I'm fairly buzzed so I read this figured fuck it I'll post it up and see what you guys think. I read almost all of it, idk what you think?
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    ricearoni ahhh damn ricers. I know this guy.. complete dumbass, thinks his car has forged internals. check it out.
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    I'm looking for some kick ass hot sauce!

    seems nothing I try is hot enough for me, so I want to know if anybody knows a good commonly sold hot sauce for me. so far I tried Tapatio, Crystals, Pico Pica. the tapatio is the only thing that kinda kicks. I've had asian hot sauces like wasabi its good but I need a hot sauce that doesn't...
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    Kendall 75W-90 full synthetic gear oil

    I have 5 gallons of this stuff in my shop for the buses I work on. the only fluid I haven't changed yet is the rear end gear oil. I searched and haven't found a direct answer about using kendall 75w 90. so would this be a decent oil to use? I heard good things about it on other applications...
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    needed input again *its fun this time*

    my gf's roommates are real pricks their moving out in a month and forcing my girl out so we're looking for a place of course. what I'm wanting advice on is how can I dick with them till then.. minus cops and pending charges. but I want to get these pricks for treating my girl like shit. so...
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    you guys ever notice this...

    you know how you can check your post count of which ever thread.. I got 66 on "Whos drunk right now" and 22 on " the gun thread" I just found this kinda funny.