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  1. Dan McBoost

    Albany Meet, Greet and Eat V2.0 - 11/28/10

    A few of us did this last year later in the winter, so we are pushing it up this year. Feel free to stop by to hang for a few or stay for dinner with us. Sunday the 28th! Time: NOON (because nothing's open before that) The location for lunch: Jillian's of Albany 59 North Pearl...
  2. Dan McBoost

    The new Daily (more euro love):

    Thanks a TON to Chris who went out of his way in many ways to help me get this thing home. From Long Island to the NJ stop before the ride home (actually before the ride to Chris's home): Then home in the snow: The Avant is gone. Out with the newer...
  3. Dan McBoost

    Albany NY - Ho Ho Ho Meet this holiday season? December 6th

    Anyone up for a group meet? Dec 6th - NOON Supras are not necessary since it will be winter and all, but I will be out in Albany shooting a bunch for the holiday. It would be nice to meet some new and some old supra peeps as I have been MIA for years. Chat over some...
  4. Dan McBoost

    The McBoost MK3T (3) 1920x1200 links in 1st post

    Desktop Backgrounds: Link: Engine bay open shot Link: Photo 1 Link: Photo 2 Onto the smaller shoot photos:
  5. Dan McBoost

    Came out from a coffee shop the other night to find:

    Glad they had cameras:
  6. Dan McBoost

    RIP 308 mk3's.

    Phew. what a loss.
  7. Dan McBoost

    Name that meet:

    Did this on CS, but for those who missed it:
  8. Dan McBoost

    Cell Phone Picture of the Day:

    Sticky? This is not necessarily: Supra related Artistic photography This is a place to: Show off funny/cool things you have seen and only had a phone on you. Whipping an LS460 for a bit:
  9. Dan McBoost

    Formatting big hard drives meh </rant>

    doing some upgrading on the PC while I kill time on my lappy. Productivity is at a seemingly all time low today.. Thanks for being here to entertain SM.
  10. Dan McBoost

    Picture of the Day!

    Sticky!? Rules, are easy, post a photo YOU took! Not too much OT chatter. It does not HAVE to be supra related. From today:
  11. Dan McBoost

    We are seeking.....

    .... a new member for MA70.COM Must be a high quality supra ( preferably a mk3). You must have some HTML skill to edit your site (we can help as well) and $5 a month ( you can pay yearly if you want ) for server space. Post some pics, and talk me into it. EDIT (Jeff Lange): Thread Cleaned up...
  12. Dan McBoost

    Well, well.. look what arrived today.

    I think I have been waiting for 3 years to get these. Thanks to a few good friends (you know who you are), two regulus supra noses are in my possession from Japan finally.
  13. Dan McBoost

    My A8s progression ( on the outside) H&Rs, 19s, and more:

    My A8s progression: Close to same location/angle After H&Rs with the 19s After H&Rs and winter BBSs Very stock Also featured on my site BTW.
  14. Dan McBoost

    Bored and made a teaser.. IF my AVIs do NOT work with your media player, than you NEED this codec and I am hosting it: the codec you are missing , it is an EXE and will self install. All my videos will be encoded with this codec. And my mini mk4...
  15. Dan McBoost

    Washed the cars today. Supra was out ( plateless)..

    .. went and filled up with some gas, and drove it a bit. heh...