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  1. dubsupra209

    CenCal Supras!

    Meet coming up this month on April 28th, meeting at park and ride on MCcall and 180 730-8am. From there we cruise to Avocado lake going towards pine flat dam take some pictures then head back to Jeffs to BBQ. If your coming from the 209 area let me know we can meet off the freeway and cruise...
  2. dubsupra209

    recaro seats Evo 8

    I wanted to know if the female seat belt on the evo seats will work with my oem supra seat belts? I tried to log back on supraforums but they must have deleted me since i seen a post about them on there.
  3. dubsupra209

    Bolt on Big Brake Kit For around 300$.

    What setup are you in rear I had same problem cause the Evo calipers had two breeders on each calipers I didn't know this lol. Once I found out I bleed both and I've had no issues with a soft pedal
  4. dubsupra209

    LED Retrofitting the MA70/JZA70 Supra

    How much do you charge? I like the last picture of the post89s and the euros? Pre89 euros
  5. dubsupra209

    Bring back the Kaminari 3 piece spoiler???

    Perfect ordered mine right now
  6. dubsupra209

    Bring back the Kaminari 3 piece spoiler???

    Whens the eta? I'm in for a fiberglass one put me on the list if there is one paypals ready whenever.
  7. dubsupra209

    CenCal Supras!

    I'm having issues with this stupid an to metric fitting for the rack the 16 1.5 to -6an i just can't figure out how to stop the leak. I'll still be at meet
  8. dubsupra209

    CenCal Supras!

    Carwash meet May 19th at 7pm around 8ish head to tou shop
  9. dubsupra209

    CenCal Supras!

    No one lol what's up guya ready for 2016 supra meets once the rain stops??
  10. dubsupra209

    Who made 1jz twin exhaust mani

    Haven't seen this thread in a while well I'm single now lol
  11. dubsupra209

    Calling All One Piece Driveshaft Owners!!!!

    I've had two and never had any vibration problems feels like I'm lucky then lol
  12. dubsupra209

    How big is your A70 group?

    This was back in 2010 been ages but it was around 20 supras from cencal.
  13. dubsupra209

    Bolt on Big Brake Kit For around 300$.

    Go to post #37 I posted pics of them they fit run but fit.
  14. dubsupra209

    **dubs fresh 7m rebuild**

    Not really clean since I'm more for function then form but I try. Thanks for the compliment it's been hard work by me and few of my other supra buddies on here.
  15. dubsupra209

    **dubs fresh 7m rebuild**

    So me and Brent got down this past weekend here's what we where working with. New fuel pump Rear bbk brembo evo set up stop tech pads and rotors for now Fuel tank out dirty Rear end done now just focus on the front end. Rear bbk with rims on
  16. dubsupra209

    1300 Kg Track SUPRA project

    That's the same aero lotus used in the 70s in f1. I been thinking of doing that on one of my supras one day as well
  17. dubsupra209

    Rear BBK anyone?

    Ok cool thanks I have slotted and drilled in the front would like to match them. Already bought wrong set don't wanna do it again lol