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  1. Poodles

    Where did everyone go?

    Sold the Supra, other forums, real life, etc... Facebook groups have their positives, but definitely their negatives. No real way to search for info like the forums so you end up having the same question over and over.
  2. Poodles

    The Mistress

    Hey, getting chased by what I'm currently driving :) Still miss boost... That straight shows what I mean :rofl:
  3. Poodles

    Car not starting randomly? READ THIS (30 Amp Starter Relay Mod)

    For future reference:
  4. Poodles

    Headlight Conversion For 1990 Toyota Supra

    8000K puts out less light than a normal halogen. If you're aiming the headlights down to stop from blinding people, you can't see down the road better either. If you want the blue look, get some silverstars.
  5. Poodles

    Is that what I think it is?

    Yarp, it's a Supra. Sadly it appears they never covered the car in their reviews...
  6. Poodles

    turn signal flasher

    Emergency flasher switch plugged in? If it's not (or it's burnt out) the flashers and turn signals won't work.
  7. Poodles

    Airbag questions

    They're first gen airbags anyway. Ask anyone that's been hit by them if they think they helped (hint: they HURT far worse than if they weren't there as they're meant to be primary restraints instead of secondary).
  8. Poodles

    Coilover Options? (Chinese brands need not apply)

    Tein makes several different levels and they can be custom valved if needed to ride however you want.
  9. Poodles

    Rear Sub Frame Upgrade

    Spacers effectively hard mount the subframe to the body. Bushes will just stiffen it up without hard mounting which could transfer noise and vibration into the body.
  10. Poodles

    Rear Sub Frame Upgrade

    Seems to be that the diff comes loose and then causes extra stress on the subframe causing the cracks. Considering I've seen it on stock cars and not seen it on heavily modified cars as well.
  11. Poodles

    Car not starting randomly? READ THIS (30 Amp Starter Relay Mod)

    It's not in the same ballpark as upgrading the headgasket at all. The better correlation would be to have the old blown head gasket motor act as the starter for the new engine you somehow stuffed in the engine bay. That sounds really stupid, right? Now you know what this "fix" sounds like to...
  12. Poodles

    Car not starting randomly? READ THIS (30 Amp Starter Relay Mod)

    Does it simply click, or do you get nothing? If it's clicking and still not starting, it's possibly the contacts (later style contacts are longer and don't wear as fast). If it's not clicking at all, it could be the plunger was installed dry and it's sticking, or the relay/wiring is bad...
  13. Poodles

    Car not starting randomly? READ THIS (30 Amp Starter Relay Mod)

    ftfy On the subject of the starter, 99% of the time it's the contacts in the starter and not the solenoid windings or motor. The rebuild parts are VERY cheap for this failure and it's extremely easy to do. Failure isn't going to be heat related as it's on the wrong side of the motor for that...
  14. Poodles

    Light weight crank pulleys and things

    It's not about balance, it's about frequencies and dampening them. Only one I know of that's lighter than stock and still will protect your engine is from ATI.
  15. Poodles

    Driftmotion Exhaust - Straight Pipe in place of Resonator??

    No resonator = D R O N E Not going to get rasp out of a turbo engine as the turbo muffles that. IMHO you're crazy. If you want louder get a DDP or something so when you're cruising it's not droning you to the point of wanting to /wrists
  16. Poodles

    Head Oil feed restrictor?

    No real reason to restrict oil to the head as it has many large pathways back down, so the oil isn't sticking around up there. I've never heard of any of the big power guys doing it...
  17. Poodles

    A/C condenser fan

    No, only select areas.
  18. Poodles

    7M-GTE runs hot but does not overheat

    If the fans are on, the temp switch kicked on and it think it's overheating. Stock gauge has a terrible dead spot, but it could also just be a bad sensor (there's a ton of temp sensors, and if it's sluggish and the fans are on, I'd bet on the gauge sensor being bad and not telling you that...
  19. Poodles

    TorSen LSD downside? How about Kaaz?

    Want to know how to fix that little issue? Apply the brakes lightly ;) McLaren F1 ran a Torsen, just sayin'
  20. Poodles

    My quest for 500whp under 2500 bucks

    I often joked I would get a license plate that said "NVR DUN" Girlfriends always got mad about that one :rofl: