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  1. D.J.T.

    Lsd fail?

    ok guys, so me being a genius thought i could park my car where i usually park it & to get there i have to go through the front yard... well its been raining for the past 2-3 days straight... & FUCK What i noticed is that one tire is spinning & the other isn't moving at all.. Now please...
  2. D.J.T.

    Knock Sensor Rewire quick question

    I'm in the process of the rewire & i have this question but none of the KS threads have the answer.. Probably a stupid question. Ok in the the write up it says to SPLICE the coax cable conductor into the ks wire 5-6 inches away from the ECU.. Wouldn't it be better if i just cut the KS wire...
  3. D.J.T.

    R154 3rd gear is grinding?

    I need advice.. Heres the issue guys. As i shift to 3rd gear it grinds horribly & sometimes won't go in at. all other gears do fine.. just 3rd gear grinds bad.. I been thinking about draining the transmission oil & putting in Redline MT-90.. might this fix the issue? if not whats the point of...
  4. D.J.T.

    LoTek Lowering Springs?

    I have no idea if these are legit, so im coming to my Supra brothers to enlighten me with their knowledge. They're on ebay for $109 free shipping... hmmmm.. first thing that comes to mind is "you get what you pay" + the fact they're on ebay. Im assuming they're stock springs that were...
  5. D.J.T.

    BOV Installed. No stalling problems. Just have a simple question.

    Ok so i installed the BOV Kit from CXRacing. I didn't even need to adjust, it blows off perfect. (stock psi) I don't get any stall problems AT ALL. :naughty: i blocked off the stock BPV spot on the accordion hose. ETC. Its after a while of driving that i get a LOUD Pop & i IMMEDIATELY thought...
  6. D.J.T.

    A/F Ratio Gauge - How to wire on pre 89 3 prong 02 Sensor plug?

    Forget this, i found out already. Lock or Delete mods?
  7. D.J.T.

    Painting the CT26 Heat shield?

    Hey guys my CT26 heat shield looks like is rusting pretty bad.. i was wondering if i could just spray paint on it with... Flame proof header paint. Silica * Ceramic coating. The can says it can withstand 1300 - 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. [704 - 1093 Celsius] & i have no idea how hot a CT26 can...
  8. D.J.T.

    Dm bov?

    DRIFTMOTION BOVs Anyone use these? Its the Greddy adaptor pipe or HKS Adaptor Pipe. What custom pipes where used? Is the HKS BOV knockoff any better than the ebay one? which is probably from hong kong as well.
  9. D.J.T.

    Idle at 2K RPMS, Oil smells like GAS

    I was on my way this morning to work & i know my Brake Master cylinder was failing because i have to press it twice for it to send pressure & getting off the freeway it started failing EVEN MORE & then the idle shot up to 1500Rpms right after & after i got out of work it shot up to 2K & its gone...
  10. D.J.T.

    Exhaust system Thread.

    (((Any questions on exhaust?? Post here!! & If you find another exhaust thread that already exists please do let me know.))) Ok so i was searching for Exhaust system options but i only found divorced downpipe threads & such. Decided to make a thread.... Well, I just got a downpipe Megan i...
  11. D.J.T.

    What are these meant for??

    i have a 87 Turbo. underneath the dash near the steering column are these 3 wires. They're not connected so idk what they are for. My TEMS does not work. IT doesn't even light up in the dashboard. i already replaced the dashboard TEMS lights since i was repairing the dashboard anyways. PO took...
  12. D.J.T.

    Where Does this Go??????

    Ok so its been a month & right now were currently putting the engine back together. Now nobody remembers where this bracket goes :runaway:. Will anyone please enlighten us with their knowledge? (pictures would help A LOOOOT) Thank you.
  13. D.J.T.

    1.8MM MLS Headgasket. Anyone use these?

    I have 198MM block & 116MM head meaning a 1.87MM Headgasket so im thinking of 1.8MM MLS headgasket or should go 2.0MM?? Has anyone used these from SIP Racing? Im keeping it 100% stock for now & im using stock head bolts. Ive looked up in the Forums & posted but no one replies my questions. :1zhelp:
  14. D.J.T.

    Piston & ECU question.

    I bought a 87 MKIII Turbo about 2-3 weeks ago & it had the Turbo manifold & turbo housing. We are currently rebuilding the engine & we realized it is a 7MGE block. We bought a turbo from a person today & now that we know its not a 7MGTE we are going to buy the 7MGTE block from the same person...
  15. D.J.T.

    Dashboard wiring

    Figured this out as well. Close or Delete Mods? Thank you
  16. D.J.T.

    Where to buy Crankshaft & Block?

    Im thinking about buying a 87 Toyota supra with a seized 7MGTE. but im thinkin what if the block or crank is very damaged? where could i buy another? not even ebay has them for sale!!!