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  1. Beals

    supra with retrofit lights in a rap video? please go to 3:13 seconds. Supra is def. riced out. airbags, foglights where the trims go and those retrofit headlights to replace the pop-up headlamps. I was wondering if there was a kit for these ironically. I've been looking at options for...
  2. Beals

    not another BBK thread, but question about r33 conversion? I've read a few threads about people using the GTR R33 Brembo front brakes off of skylines for the MKIII's front brakes. I think this is great with the combination of evo rear brembo calipers you can now have a matching set of brembos for our mk3's for as much...
  3. Beals

    1jz, problem similar to failed map sensor?

    well recently I was driving over an overpass when my car decided to hiccup, sputter and shut the engine off where I had to roll back down the overpass to a side lane. My first thought was blown fuse, checked them fine, then ecu, opened it up, leaking caps. sent it away to DM got it back, still...
  4. Beals

    jza70 lighter wiring diagram?

    Figured it out with a test light. Just for future reference, ma70 is 4 plug connector and jza70 is 3 plug connection. ma70 is two red (power), two greens(ground) for the lightbulbs, 1 red by it's self for the outlet power and a white/black stripe for ground. jza70 is one red for outlet power...
  5. Beals

    EBC - not noob questions First off I have a turbosmart e-boost-1 controller. I also read the above link for a guide line. My first question is, I have an aftermarket BOV with my intercooler but would I still...
  6. Beals

    TT-R recaro bucket headrests?

    well I recently had the buckets out of my twin turbo R refurbished but I noticed the headrest for the driver(right hand seat) does not adjust, it has the notches but their not clicking in, is their an easy fix or should I of addressed this while they were apart. It's not the end of the world but...
  7. Beals

    jets 1jz 370cc to 2jz 440cc injectors?

    well I got around to installing my 2jz 440cc injectors but I'm worried their n/a;s the 370cc I pulled out are yellow and have two small holes for jets and two big holes the 440cc I'm planning to install are green and only have two small holes. To me they should be the same if their for a...
  8. Beals

    coilovers - difference front to back

    I just finished installing my coilovers to the rear of my car, fairly straight forward 3 bolts on top 1 on the bottom. now for the front I was about to start when my uncle said it would be a waste of time to do in the driveway because I need a lift. something about the a subframe being...
  9. Beals

    pretty much everyone on this forum:

    my g/f posted this on my fb wall and I pretty much spit out what I was drinking, it was a pretty good way to describe me atleast.
  10. Beals

    short shifter fitment issues

    Well I believe my problem may be in the previous owner, he told me he swapped in a new 1jz but I believe it may of got a new r154 as well. The shifter housing doesn't seem to be far enough back in the tunnel. When I put my short shifter in this was clear. my stock shifter did work but it's also...
  11. Beals

    shift boots?

    I was swapping in my new short shifter and decided to get a whole new knob/boot to go with to replace the old leather. needless to say all the new ones are elastic and the original was wrapped in a thin leather around the metal bracket. Anyone have any creative ways of making it look oem? I was...
  12. Beals

    when civic owners meet supras
  13. Beals

    Would it be a waste to..

    Recharge my A/C with a pooched heater core? My A/C went out last year and shortly after my heater core. I'm just wondering if it would be a waste to fill it back up for summer since it's only a summer cruiser or with the done heater core it will come out as fast as it goes in? Pretty sure the...
  14. Beals

    trd knob for a short throw shifter?

    with that being said. I went into toyota to ask for a trd shiftknob to put on my beechperformance short throw shifter and the guy in toyota parts states they don';t list it by threadsize but application (ie: car). so does anyone know what stock toyota would have a thread size about 12mm x 1.75?
  15. Beals

    injector swap?

    I tried to search for this but was spending hours going through things that had nothing to do with it. can you take a jdm 440cc injector from a 2jz and put it in a 1jz's fuel rail? or can you put the 2jz fuel rail and injectors on a 1jz? I was looking for a mild injector upgrade from the stock...
  16. Beals

    JZA70 R edition Hiro MKIII

    **UPDATED** 22/06/18 Authentic Twin Turbo R JZA70 Supra from Japan, imported to Canada in 2010. Stared out a BPU daily driver with rebuilt/upgraded C12A's, now it's turning into a full build! Motor: Brian Crower springs/retainers & 1mm o/s valves BC 264 camshafts AEM cam gears AEM methanol...
  17. Beals

    BOV installed, just double checking.

    Removed the original blow off valve, plugged the holes, new vac hose shortened up. Anything I missed or not looking right?
  18. Beals

    Beals' Supra Project

    Figured I should put a couple pictures of my project up here and fill in the rest once it's complete. Currently just swapping an '88 motor out of a rustbucket into a '87 in decent shape just has a blown motor. But anyways heres the 1987 Supra Turbo, the bodies in pretty decent shape besides a...
  19. Beals

    Hello, Supra newbie here.

    I'm new to the forums but I'll probably become fairly active. But anyways a little about me: I've been looking around for a JDM car for quite some while when I found a USDM 87 supra 7mgte but the motor is blown. So I've been looking how to swap a 1jzgtte into it and learnt I'll need new...