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  1. hottscennessey

    Detonation detection. Cheap and simple.

    I'm sharing one of my tools I use to detect detonation when tuning various motors. I'm testing waters to see if this is something that members of the forum would be interested in. I use a factory Toyota knock sensor, wire it to a 3.5mm headphone jack, and use it to record dyno/street WOT...
  2. hottscennessey

    Dynomax Pipe Cutters - Anyone used it? Just wondering if anyone in the Supra community has used this tool. It looks interesting, I'm wondering how well it works, how durable it is, and how many cuts it will make before it's worthless.
  3. hottscennessey

    Spotted. black 91+. Midlothian

    Anyone on here? I didn't actually spot you. My boss did and sent me the pic. Looks VERY clean.
  4. hottscennessey

    hottscennessey's RHD PS13 build

    I never thought I'd get rid of my Supra, but I did. My supra was a never-ending quest for power. Once I got that power, I realized I had overdone it. While cruising on the highway was great, I often found myself wanting to go on a backroad cruise. I never found myself driving my car, with the...
  5. hottscennessey

    The new moneypit just arrived

    It's not a Supra. Hope I'm still welcome at the meets :sadwavey:
  6. hottscennessey

    Has anyone tried an alcohol vaporizer? I mentioned it briefly to my boss, as soon as he read "no calories" he ordered it. I'm pretty excited to try it out. These have been around for awhile, I did a report on them back in college, but have never tried one. Does anyone have any personal...
  7. hottscennessey

    AEM Help, going lean at high RPM

    I'm dyno-tuning a customer car, it's a boosted Honda S2000 with an inline pro kit. It has a walbro fuel pump, 675cc injectiors, and a WG spring pressure of just 6PSI. Here's my problem. I got a great idle and cruise map going, we even got into some boost on the street. Everything was looking...
  8. hottscennessey

    Running shoes

    Now I can't wait for the track. These, plus boost by gear, 100 more WHP's, and antilag should hopefully get me lower than 13.9 @ 124 :nono: :icon_bigg
  9. hottscennessey

    new 2JZGE-T and Master Power T-70 numbers

    Here we have it: I'm very impressed. Last time I dynoed it was with stock 2JZGE cams and made 573whp @ 27psi. I ordered hard-welded re-grinds from cowboy bebop on SF and Clubna-t. These numbers were made @ ~28 PSI. As for the turbo, it is still holding as if new. I won't be upgrading...
  10. hottscennessey

    6 bolt downpipe flange??

    I've seen these flanges around on the larger Master Power turbos, and now on a Garrett GT42. I was wondering if anyone knows where I could purchase one of these flanges?
  11. hottscennessey

    Recommendations for Anti-lag

    I'm having trouble getting my anti-lag setup properly.. seems whatever setting I try, the exhaust tone just changes and the turbo won't build boost. Could I get some recommendations on the settings? EMS: Stinger Turn on above RPM: ____ Turn on above TPS: ___% Turn off above PSI: ___...
  12. hottscennessey

    Looking for help with tires

    I just went to the dragstrip for this first time friday. 13.9 @ 123 MPH :nono: I'm a terrible driver I'm in need of some traction, and in need of help.. info on my car: 600+whp, weekend car, ~200 miles a week. What do you guys think: Drag radials on sawblades- PROS -beefier...
  13. hottscennessey

    Starbucks meet in Richmond

    I figured we'd take this out of Seth's thread to get some more attention Who's going this week?
  14. hottscennessey

    Overnight parts from Japan

    I wasn't even aware they had overnight from Japan. Soo it shipped yesterday, I received it 10:30AM :) My review of = :thumbup:
  15. hottscennessey

    Idle valve for the Stinger...

    I know some of you are running the Stinger EMS. I know some of you have had trouble fine tuning your cold start issues.. and find your cars idling at 400RPM; dying at any jab to the throttle.. I started searching around for a simple valve, similar to a VSV that comes on MKIII's from the...
  16. hottscennessey

    Couple of new pics (56K STFU)

    Someday I'll get some paint on it.
  17. hottscennessey

    Wastegate Woes

    I just wanted to get an opinion on this problem. I have been running a knockoff HKS 50mm (I think) wastegate for a little over a year now. The wastegate always functioned perfectly on a genuine HKS 10PSI spring (really saw about 13-14 PSI). I recently installed a genuine HKS 15PSI spring...
  18. hottscennessey

    More 2JZ NA-T Numbers

    old: new: Old numbers: 533 rwhp 497 rwtq 25 psi New numbers: 573 rwhp 592 rwtq 27 psi (different dyno) I would have run more boost, but I still have a weak spring in my WG which isn't allowing me to up my boost to where I want it (notice how the power falls off as well)...
  19. hottscennessey

    Detecting detonation

    I just thought I'd post my newest way of detecting detonation, also the way I'll be building my timing map. I had a chat with a local tuner about how he detects knock (detonation) when he's tuning for ignition.. he told me about his device "det cans" where he takes a coper tube, crushes one...
  20. hottscennessey cheap wideband? They do not provide the sensor, keep it mind it uses the popular Bosch LSU unit... Discuss..