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  1. MDCmotorsports

    Where did everyone go?

    Us o.g.'s are still around.....
  2. MDCmotorsports

    Thought I would share my newly inheirited car.....

    British reasons. These were built with the Morris Minor company. Same engine as the old Mini.
  3. MDCmotorsports

    *NWS* THE redhead thread

    Enjoy meatbags. Enjoy.
  4. MDCmotorsports

    My 89' 7M-GTE Horror Story - HELP!

    ARP makes the bolts longer for a reason: to hold more threads. The holes have to be cleaned and tapped to clear dirt and debris to allow for the extra 1/4".
  5. MDCmotorsports

    My 89' 7M-GTE Horror Story - HELP!

    Sounds like you need a new mechanic.... No seriously did you even bother to chase / tap the threads in the block before the ARP install??
  6. MDCmotorsports

    Fresh Rebuild idle issue's

    Pirate air is air coming in after the AFM but before turbo. Also, do you have the j tube removed and what fuel regulator do you have?
  7. MDCmotorsports

    Fresh Rebuild idle issue's

    Check for: Boost leak vacuum leak Pirate air before afm Faulty afm Proper timing with diagnostic jumper installed Fuel pressure injector sizing
  8. MDCmotorsports

    13s with nitrous and 7mge!

    Well done sir. Well done!
  9. MDCmotorsports

    So this is hard for me, but what do you guys think

    Suck it up and find another way. I wussed out years ago with bills piling up and sold my hard work, time and money down the river. 10 years (?) later I look back and wish I never sold my supra. Trust me. Tuck it away for a rainy day
  10. MDCmotorsports

    emericaskater285's MKIII build of DOOM!

    Im not one for promoting the confiscation of personal property by any form of government. However you street race enough, you'll eventually loose to that oncoming car or power pole that you never saw. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
  11. MDCmotorsports

    smoking on decel ????'ll want vacuum not atmosphere
  12. MDCmotorsports

    emericaskater285's MKIII build of DOOM!

    One of the nicer builds I've seen in a while. Now knock off the street racing before we loose you and your car. :-)
  13. MDCmotorsports

    1986 GA70 1GZ-FE Build

    Well 'ello there......
  14. MDCmotorsports

    Oil Pressure Too High?

    Do tell me young Jedi of these magical turbo "seals."
  15. MDCmotorsports

    Boost Creep Problems

    You have the Holset gate welded shut? If so, it sounds like the external wastegate is loosing signal (boost) or the valve doesn't move freely (sticking partially shut)
  16. MDCmotorsports

    smoking on decel ????

    Say what?? You'd like a ban hammer? Come again? Valves certainly have seals that leak under vacuum.
  17. MDCmotorsports

    r154 clutch issue.

    Not a problem. Sounds like the clutch fork wasnt installed properly or the pin is installed wrong/missing.
  18. MDCmotorsports

    r154 clutch issue.

    If it is not a Tilton style hydraulic or multi plate clutch, then yes OEM bearings should be aok.
  19. MDCmotorsports

    My SC400 road trip through the Southwest

    Awesome pics man. Glad to hear you're doing well.