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  1. Zazzn

    Old School HKS Intercooler

    well i felt alot for used vs new for 1100 ;)
  2. Zazzn

    DIY: R-12 to R-134a Conversion (How To)

    I just filled up wtih R12 but I'm sure sooner than later I will have to convert.
  3. Zazzn

    Old School HKS Intercooler

    I think i'm going to sell mine I missed out on new old stock and found this one I have locally 750$ is what I paid which is a lot but I wanted a PNP bolt on period correct IC. But I think i'm doing some other stuff now.
  4. Zazzn

    Working on a new clutch option for r154

    @Enraged its a full flywheel with detachable basket.
  5. Zazzn

    Working on a new clutch option for r154

    Well, I can see people are looking for all their preferences. I'm going to say there are a billion options already available, what I'm trying to do is bring a twin / triple to the market at the price just above a single setup. It's going to use a chrome-moly flywheel multi discs are always...
  6. Zazzn

    Working on a new clutch option for r154

    Hi All, Just wanted to poll what’s left of the mk3 community. I’m working on creating a few new products. One of them is a twin disk r154 clutch with a good movement alteration kit which is not a pos like the spec clutch. I’m aiming for the clutch to be about the price of a premium single...
  7. Zazzn

    Old School HKS Intercooler

    Wait you have one NIB? How much?
  8. Zazzn

    Too good to be true?

    i dont see anything must have sold.
  9. Zazzn

    Wireing help please

    well, blue-black is to the B1 connector and it's to trigger the starter.
  10. Zazzn

    HKS TEMS Overload

    I'm going to use my tems buttons for my standalone boost control :) high boost and low boost.
  11. Zazzn

    Going back with sawblades

    They look amazing in person.
  12. Zazzn

    1JZ with 6262 turbo and .58 exhaust housing limit

    Yep, listen to the people who have done it not the ones that repost info ;) Good numbers on pump for a 1jz on a smaller turbo!
  13. Zazzn

    JZ Swap Lower Rad Hose Discovery!

    Perfect thanks for sharing going to get a new one yesterday. Don’t remember what I had on before been so long since I did the swap
  14. Zazzn

    Ignition to Starter Cable

    So I suspect my issue lies with the blue-black wire triggering the starter solenoid. Does anyone know the AMP draw on this? I redid my engine harness this summer, and just changed my starter so the only wire that I can think of that's causing problems is the blue-black that runs through the body...
  15. Zazzn

    Emanage or more needed for hx35?

    no the universal harness doesn't have any jumper.
  16. Zazzn

    Emanage or more needed for hx35?

    I paid 400 + 100 for the new Greddy harness, had plans to put it in my grey 91 but I have a PNP MS3 so that's going in. Say 450, and I can also give you the mod for the timing chip I built.
  17. Zazzn

    Emanage or more needed for hx35?

    I actually have a spare ultimate if you are interested.
  18. Zazzn

    AR5 Trans Take Two: The Solstice Solution

    So here's what I did for my R154 clutch, where the rivets behind the straps are, I drilled it out and tapped it for an m10 bolt and i machined the bolt to fit in the friction surface
  19. Zazzn

    Emanage or more needed for hx35?

    I don't believe anyone will have anything they can provide you. With a custom setup, you will need a custom tune. However, tuning piggybacks are really easy, simply lean or richen until you are good. Timing usually fine because stock computer can pull out timing when knocking but at that low...
  20. Zazzn

    Emanage or more needed for hx35?

    S-AFR can do that alone. I think you have the case of needing someone how knows how to tune the car. Emanage will certainly help, over the S-AFR. It allows for timing adjustment and injector pulse with adjustment so it's far superior to the HKS unit. However even it's over 12 years old now...