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  1. suprahero

    What other Cars do you own thread

    That's it. My insurance is 7xx.00 a month
  2. suprahero

    What other Cars do you own thread

    Welll 3 years later I own a 2017 F150, 2015 Lincoln MKZ, 2014 Ford Fusion, 2016 Mustang convertible, 2008 Ford Explorer, 2008 Range Rover, 1991 Toyota supra and that's it.
  3. suprahero

    First test drive of the fresh rebuild is going down tomorrow...I have some issues and questions! This is like a few have stated already. It's how I broke my engine in and I don't have any smoke issues or any other issues for that matter.
  4. suprahero

    Going to the dyno tomorrow.

    Yes, that looks just like the place that blew my car up two years ago. They had a silver gtr in the showroom when I was there.
  5. suprahero

    Going to the dyno tomorrow.

    I can't say for sure Jeff, but the front of that building looks like the place I took my car to that blew it up. The guy that does the machining is probably different than the guy that does the tuning but the guy that tuned my car is an idiot. I know a guy I trust to do the machining here...
  6. suprahero

    Wheel Fitment & Question Thread

    Kwnate sent me a picture of his and his specs. His are 10.5 with a +22 offset. He has 1.5 camber he said. It's too late for me to change my order so I'm going to have to do what I can with these. I'll make sure and post up some pictures for everyone else to see once I get them. Thanks.
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    Wheel Fitment & Question Thread

    So, I should call ccw and see if I can change my rear wheel to a 10"? I don't really want it sticking out an inch past the fender.
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    Going to the dyno tomorrow.

    At 41 seconds of the video, you can stop it. The green is boost, and the black is torque. The blue is horsepower and the red is afr's. You can see how quickly the torque ramps up along with the boost.
  9. suprahero

    Going to the dyno tomorrow.

    I'm definitely going to turn it up, but at the moment, it's at the paint shop. I'm also waiting on a new set of ccw classics to put on. I also bought another set of coils to try out. Hopefully they work well. They're off of a audi and are suppose to be good coils. After all that is done, I'm...
  10. suprahero

    Wheel Fitment & Question Thread

    Nick, those wheels look soooo sick on your white supra. I just ordered a set of ccw's for my car and I don't know how the set up is going to fit. I wish I'd seen this thread before I ordered them. I ordered 18x9 +30 and 18x10.5 +30 Is this going to be a problem for me? It might not be too...
  11. suprahero

    BorHor's Return!

    Welcome back. I like your car, but it needs a little more medium blue metallic in it.
  12. suprahero

    30 mpg

    I get about 15mpg but I love the smell of burning rubber and the sound of screeching tires.
  13. suprahero

    1JZ with 6262 turbo and .58 exhaust housing limit

    Seems like the .58 is going to make your car a rolling smoke show. That 6262 will spool so quick with that small a rear housing, I feel you're going to have no traction. I would think you'd want a .81 or something closer to that.
  14. suprahero

    Basemap resources

    If you email diyautotune, they should be able to set you up with a base map.
  15. suprahero

    Going to the dyno tomorrow.

    I made 565 rwhp on a Mustang dyno at 24psi on e85. I could have made more but the guy tuning it was being a baby. That's also at 5800rpm. My car is good to rev to about eight grand. It was still climbing when he shut it down. On 93 octane, it made 460 at 22psi shutting down at 5800 rpm. I'll...
  16. suprahero

    Going to the dyno tomorrow.

    I'm going to the dyno tomorrow. I'm going to tune for 93 octane with methanol injection and I' also going to tune for e85. I'm not trying to max out the capabilities of the e85. I only have 950 injectors so I'm not going to try and make any more than 700 rwhp. Maybe I can, maybe I can't. I hope...
  17. suprahero

    JDM faceoff Supra vs Evo

    Nice video and your supra is gorgeous. I love a black MKIII. Thanks for sharing.
  18. suprahero

    JZA70 R edition Hiro MKIII

    Nice looking car. Congrats on making it over the 500 mark.