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  1. suprarx7nut

    Question about the door vents

    Very little air flow is normal in my experience, both on my mk3's and my Land Crusier with similar vents. It's *just* enough flow to help reduce fog. It's not the most effective thing...
  2. suprarx7nut

    Working on a new clutch option for r154

    I seem to get varying answers from people on this. Some say a properly tensioned ,ulti-disc assembly will have very minimal chatter. Others, (like here) say it's always noisy as shit and that's life. I don't see why the rattling clatter is necessary, but I guess I don't know exactly how that...
  3. suprarx7nut

    Where did everyone go?

    Anytime I see the word "Adirondack" I think of your blue pre 89 parked outside of that warehouse or whatever that building was. One of the most inspirational mk3 photo sets I can recall. Glad to see your still around and hope you still have that mk3.
  4. suprarx7nut

    New MK3 Owner from CO

    The interior comment is so very true. If you start with a car with a complete and clean interior I think a restoration (or just arriving at whatever 'final' product stage you're after) is loads easier. You can fix most anything else, but finding really nice interior parts is near impossible...
  5. suprarx7nut

    New MK3 Owner from CO

    Wowsa, that's clean! Once I get my 91 restored (mostly) I'll try to get some CO meets going for mk3 owners. There are at least a handful of us that have expressed interest. If I'm able to make that happen, it'd be great to see that white package. That looks reeeeeal clean. Nice find!
  6. suprarx7nut

    What did you do to your supra today? Pics

    +10 points for the 100 series Land Cruiser with AT tires!
  7. suprarx7nut

    Cool/Rare parts thread?

    I have a profile, but I'm mostly with you, @Piratetip . The facebook stuff is just so temporary. It's only good for a short while, then it's archived or lost 63 pages down the feed. It's a total shit platform for useful information storage and retrieval. 'Tis a shame that's where so much traffic...
  8. suprarx7nut

    Working on a new clutch option for r154

    I'm in the market for a quiet and stock-like twin disc for my R154. My main criteria is smooth engagement and minimal or no rattling with clutch pedal depressed. Most the twin discs I've heard have sounded awful in parking lots. That sort of noise and chatter would be a complete non-starter for me.
  9. suprarx7nut

    Euro turn signals

    I recently bought a brand new pair of euro turns for $380 or something on facebook. Painfully expensive, but I didn't see any other way to get excellent condition parts.
  10. suprarx7nut

    Anyone Know When The OEM 7m Timing Belt Was Discontinued???

    How about the Greddy one? I as eyeing an upgraded belt of some kind. I'm fine with OEM if there's no real benefit to the aftermarket, but thought the upgraded ones were actually better reinforced.
  11. suprarx7nut

    Recommendations please That's the website, but it looks like the site is having some trouble. It's normally good, but I noticed it was weird a couple weeks back. If you search "Sound performance bolt on turbo 6262" you should find info via google. Their facebook page has some mk3...
  12. suprarx7nut

    Recommendations please

    SP 6262 bolt on gets my vote here. It's good well past your goal and should be plenty usable at ~400whp. If you want to spend money twice and get better low end, then get a 57 trim CT rebuild and aim for upper 300's. A standalone will be needed much past mid 300's so I'd just build that into...
  13. suprarx7nut

    3D Printed Supra Parts

    Yeah no joke. Not to mention a couple test fitments. Aw, crap the curvature of pieces 65-183 are wrong, Better adjust and re-print. I have been trying to justify a good 3d scanner, but really good hand held ones that could do a piece that big are still very expensive.
  14. suprarx7nut

    3D Printed Supra Parts

    That would be one hell of an assembly...
  15. suprarx7nut

    Wheel Fitment & Question Thread

    18x8.5 and 18x9.5 with 35-40mm offset is perfect, in my mind. Those wheels appear to come in those offsets so I think fitment would be fine. You could probably go 10mm wider on the tires if you wanted.
  16. suprarx7nut

    3D Printed Supra Parts

    12x6x6" roughly. I can always print multiple parts and joint them.
  17. suprarx7nut

    7mgte top end rattle?

    Eeeeeeek. That's not good, unless you had the bearings specifically clearances by a race shop with excessive clearance. Way too viscous for OEM spec 7M bearings. Completely agreed. I use 0-30 or 0-40. Removing EGR to "cool temps" and using thick oil to increase pressure (as indicated on the...
  18. suprarx7nut

    MK3 Engine Fire - How should I rebuild?

    My guess is it'd be cheaper and easier to just get a new engine and salvage anything valuable off the old engine to resell or swap into the new engine. Getting that back to 100% would be a huge pain.
  19. suprarx7nut

    7mgte top end rattle?

    Valve train. If the noise persists with each plug wire removed, I don't think it could be piston related. I'm voting sticking valve. Have you done a compression test? If not, I'd do that and I'd do it 2 or 3 times (not sequentially, don't kill your starter) through all cylinders and see if you...
  20. suprarx7nut

    What Years Have the Hatch Release Cable Block Coupler?

    Ah, that makes total sense now. I think the 91-92 cable with the flip lid replaced the 89-90 style with just a block and no lid. Here's my current understanding: Type A: 91-92. Block with a lid. Part 64607-14310 Type B: 89-90. Block with no lid and no nubs for lid. Part 64607-14290 Type C...