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  1. mark1987supra

    WTB 3.91 diff

    Like the title says. I am looking to buy a 3.91 diff here locally in the midwest. I snapped my pinion in 2 last friday @ the drag strip. The car hooked good for 1 run & made the best time in the car yet. Tried to leave harder & the pinion snapped off right @ the pinion flange. This was with a...
  2. mark1987supra

    Omaha Ice Cream Cruise

    Well coming up on August 3 is the Ice Cream Cruise in Omaha Nebraska. I was just wondering who else is planning on attending this year? I know that Newgen and I are coming from Des Moines, IA again. It should be a bigger turnout this year than last year. Here is the website link...
  3. mark1987supra


    Just passing along this information to everyone. Reid from SP created a facebook page to pass along the information to everyone. We have a tentative schedule for the many changes this event will see this year. We will be having a meeting at Sound...
  4. mark1987supra

    New World Record

    Well a buddy of Newgen and mine came into Des Moines, IA yesterday to dyno his Evo X. So hear id the result of his trip.
  5. mark1987supra

    MAP Proving Grounds: Drag, Time Attack, Drift, & Auto X

    So me and another member (Newgen) are planning on drag racing our MK3's @ this event & just wanted to throw it out to everyone else. They are having 2 events this year with the same setup. Camping available on the race tracks.
  6. mark1987supra

    Drag and Street Suspension

    i need some help from the suspension guru's in selecting a suspension setup for supra. It will be a street car that will see alot of strip time. So most of the mods are in the sig., but I am planning on launching off an anti-lag at 20+psi then the boost will be turned up to over 30+psi. I will...
  7. mark1987supra

    Destruction of a 6-Puck Clutch

    Finally changed my clutch to a Clutch Masters twin disk this last weekend. I had a RPS Max series 6-puck and a Fidenza flywheel in it before, the RPS had only been in you a year. To follow are pictures of the carnage that I found. I knew the clutch was going it wouldn't hold above 20 psi and it...
  8. mark1987supra

    Des Moines Kill Tally

    Just thought that I would Keep a running tally of how many people underestimate the MK3, or just don't know what it is. Here is gonna be a running tally of what we kill here in Des Moines, IA. It will also include anywhere else we cruise to. Will not include duplicate chassis types(of same...
  9. mark1987supra

    Hey guys new to posting.

    I have been surfing this forum for the last 4 years now. I have a BS in automotive technology and picked up my mkiii with a BHG while in college. I mostly used this forum for information when i was rebuilding the engine on my 1987 mkiii turbo. I have learned so much just seeing what other people...