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  1. NashMan

    Oil squirters... Keep or Delete???

    Thus why just chucking in 50 weight oil that some people did I found funny. You should never seen barring wash or lift the stock pump gov valve will never let this happen
  2. NashMan

    Offical 2020 Toyota GR Supra Specs, Pricing, and Photos

    You can buy a 370 nismo more power lighter wider tires 6 speed and still have money left over
  3. NashMan

    TobyCat's winter buildup

    You can uses a Honda fan switch found in the d16 pretty sure the b series is the same then thread it in the oem thermostat houseing
  4. NashMan

    Oil squirters... Keep or Delete???

    Well then I didn't know but it's still is crappy thou haha
  5. NashMan

    Oil squirters... Keep or Delete???

    For fun this is what my pistons look like they are bomb proof made for crazy amounts of power
  6. NashMan

    Oil squirters... Keep or Delete???

    Never said they were bad but the stock pump has the same flow as 5m they really didn't change it all that much though out the years of the m series motor such a shame but for stock it works fine. The oil pumps pressure ramp up is bad then once the jets open up the system will slowly bleed down...
  7. NashMan

    Oil squirters... Keep or Delete???

    As I said above the oiling system is junk. The n/a supra has the same oil pump as a 7mge. The group a engines never used them because this was an easy way to fix the issue. Why was it added,for piston cooling that's about it plus the factory rods were shared so they have oil jets as well. So do...
  8. NashMan

    Oil squirters... Keep or Delete???

    I deleted mine in my old build and well best oil pressure I have ever gotten at all rpms ranges so as long as your tune is good and you have good pistons and keep you oil level up. the crank splash will lube everything is needs to do. and if you want oil jetting on you pistons the stock...
  9. NashMan

    My Take on the 2020 Supra

    My take on this car is I just don't under stand it beside them trying to make money on the name or when they went with bmw and they just really could not get along they all most parted ways wish they did. second I wish they just called it a 2000gt or more clever name 2020gt since it shares so...
  10. NashMan

    New Heater Valve Replacement Options???

    There is a metal toyota one but for the life of me i can not remember what car saw it a long time ago when i was a yard monkey it was an older car maybe first gen cressida but this one works...
  11. NashMan

    Lexus/Toyota "Supra"

    For some reason if they get booed off stage like diablo mobile I would feel happier
  12. NashMan

    MK4 Rears all 4 corners

    he ran the mk4 wheel up front but had to turn his steering stop out so they would not rub this was with 255 mk4 wheels
  13. NashMan

    Where did everyone go?

    photo bucket hurt the forums the most
  14. NashMan

    Crank Girdle Bolts / Main Caps

    i have tool steel griddle for sale
  15. NashMan

    High compression high RPM 7M-GE build

    easy trick is take an old house and plate the bottom and use that a jib when pressing in new barrings
  16. NashMan

    I'm back

    oh ya now i remmber i may have to watch that again or re vist it at one point
  17. NashMan

    Differential Mount Captive Nut Repair

    if i was to fix mine the best way is to cut out a square on the bottom them replace it with a chunk of 1/2 inc plate weld it in and drill and tap it
  18. NashMan

    I'm back

    were is your avatar from may i ask all ways wondered
  19. NashMan

    The dreaded coolant heater banjo pipe...LEAVE IT ALONE! Any advice? VIDEO ADDED!!!!

    The gasket is fiber coated so good luck, hopefully ya have a welder welding on the socket is the easyest