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  1. daledoe

    Recap of a supra gathering in Europe.

    Looked like fun
  2. daledoe

    Supra Dynasty The Saving, Death & Resurrection of My A70 (V-Mount)

    It would be fine! Back in the day we drove around from sk8 spot to sk8 spot with five people and a bunch of skateboards in my friend sam's 89 supra :D
  3. daledoe

    Bottom's up :D

    Dam 10K in parts Keep us posted
  4. daledoe

    Supra Dynasty The Saving, Death & Resurrection of My A70 (V-Mount)

    To bad u weren't born in the Supra!! Nice work I like :D
  5. daledoe

    Haven't finished yet

    I like the rims and the color!!!~
  6. daledoe

    Harness Bar Pics

    Do people still fit in the back
  7. daledoe

    James' 89 Supra Turbo

    I love the 87 4runner
  8. daledoe

    Dark and Tan MK3

    Car looks great
  9. daledoe

    Kyles 88 supra build

    I love the rims :D
  10. daledoe

    Toyota Supra Drifting with half a shirt by Maxmantv

    I saw that a little bit a go. I don't know what I'd rather hammer on the car or the girl :D
  11. daledoe

    I miss the good old days

    I think all forums are slowing down because of FACEBOOK. I've never had or ever will have a Facebook account!!!~
  12. daledoe

    ***The Red Supras Thread***

    ^^^ I like those rims. Who makes them?
  13. daledoe

    2015 Formula D Pro-Am Promo 1jz MK3

    Nice driving
  14. daledoe

    FL Streets - WB & IMV Films

    I like :)
  15. daledoe

    Sept 88 TurboA

    The car looks sweet. So, witch car do you like driving better the Turbo-A or the skyline? Why did you sell the skyline?
  16. daledoe

    1200hp Mkiii Supra in Huston Texas

    wow mid to low 8's any video of the quarter mile run
  17. daledoe

    medford fall enduro 2014

    That looks like a fun track
  18. daledoe

    Group A Supra race car

    Any engine pics of the Des Wall's Chevy V8 supra or videos of it?
  19. daledoe

    MAP Proving grounds 2014.2 video.

    It looked like a lot of fun. I loved the RX7 hopping at 4:25. What events were you in?
  20. daledoe

    7mgte m/t '88 hardtop by lochun

    Dam man, The cars looking great. I can't wait to see the final product and some videos :)